Tory leadership contest: What did Nadine Dorries say about about Rishi Sunak’s suit on Twitter?

The Culture Secretary tweeted about Rishi Sunak’s designer suit as he began to head out on his Tory leadership contest campaign trail

Nadine Dorries has hit out at Rishi Sunak as the former Chancellor began to head out on his Tory leadership campaign trail.

Ms Dorries has been supporting Liz Truss to become the next leader of the party and the next Prime Minister.

She took the opportunity to criticise Mr Sunak’s fashion choices compared to Ms Truss’s, however her comments have sparked outrage.

But what did she say, and what have her critics said in response?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has criticised Rishi Sunak’s choice of designer suit while out on the Tory leadership campaign trail. (Credit: Getty Images)

What did Nadine Dorries say about about Rishi Sunak’s suit on Twitter?

Ms Dorries tweeted on Monday (25 July) morning to criticised Mr Sunak’s choice to wear designer suits while campaigning, comparing this to Ms Truss wearing high-street jewellery.

In the tweet, she said: “[Liz Truss]⁩ will be travelling the country wearing her earrings which cost circa £4.50 from Claire Accessories. Meanwhile… Rishi visits Teeside in Prada shoes worth £450 and sported £3,500 bespoke suit as he prepared for crunch leadership vote.”

The Culture Secretary was to point out the apparent gulf between the two remaining candidates in the Tory leadership contest, using their fashion choices to do so.

Mr Sunak was seen wearing a Henry Herbert suit in the images included in the article linked in Ms Dorries tweet.

The label of Rishi Sunak’s suit was visible, indicating that he had spent around £3,500 on the outfit. (Credit: Getty Images)

The Savile Row tailors make bespoke suits for customers, with Mr Sunak’s specific design believed to be worth around £3,500.

The picture in question was from before the final MP vote to decide the two candidates to progress to the party-wide run-off vote.

Mr Sunak was also pictured wearing shoes worth £490 from the fashion house Dior while on a recent visit to a construction site in Redcar.

Rishi Sunak’s £490 Dior shoes have drawn criticism after he wore them to visit a construction site in Redcar. (Credit: Getty Images)

What has been the reaction to Nadine Dorries tweet?

Ms Dorries comments have drawn criticism from her party peers and opposition politicans.

Mr Sunak’s campaign have refused to comment on the tweet, instead lamenting that the former Chancellor is concentrating on the leadership contest.

Most notably, MP Angela Richardson, who is a supporter of Mr Sunak’s campaign, tweeted in response: “FFS (for f***** sake) Nadine! Muted,” indictating that she had removed Ms Dorries from her Twitter timeline, but has not blocked her.

Others have also pointed out that Ms Dorries has, in the past, made comments to reporters about not “skimping” on jewellery, and has previously spoken about owning and wearing a pair of diamond earrings worth £6,000.

Ms Dorries’s comments about Mr Sunak’s choice of suit are the latest in a long line of personal attacks made against Tory leader candidates.

Former candidate Penny Mordaunt criticised the race, and said that supporters of candidates had targeted “smears” against those in the contest in order to pull ahead in the race.

Ms Mordaunt says she was the victim of personal attacks, after she was questioned over her previous policy work as an equalities minister, with the MP branding the leadership race “toxic politics”.

Cabinet Office minister Johnny Mercer called the leadership race “purile”, and warned that the way in which Conservative MPs are conducting themselves could have consequences in the next General Election.

He said: “The puerile nature of this leadership contest is embarrassing. Time to raise the standards.”