London City airport becomes first in UK to scrap 100ml liquid in hand luggage rule

A London airport will become the first in the UK to make use of new 3D scanners, allowing passengers to take more liquids in their hand luggage

Holidaymakers travelling from London City airport will soon be able to take up to two litres of liquid on-board as it scraps a security rule in time for the Easter Holidays.

It's part of a wider relaxation of the hand luggage restrictions, which the government recently announced, with a deadline of June 2024.

While Teesside International Airport has already axed the limit with new scanners already in place, London City is the first mainstream airport to do so.

Until now, holidaymakers have been limited to taking just a small amount of liquid-based items, including make-up, mini-shampoos and showers gels through security and in their hand luggage. These rules date back to 2006, following concerns over terrorism.

But thanks to new high-tech security systems, London City Airport will soon allow travellers to take up to two litres of liquid on board. The new CT scanners will work similarly to those used in hospitals.

The new cameras will take images of hand luggage, producing a high-resolution 3D image showing the contents of the bag. Security will then be able to view it from every angle – current security scanners only produce a 2D image.

The new tech also means passengers won’t have to remove their electronics such as laptops to get through security either. It is hoped the new process will speed up security queues through busy periods like Easter.

The airport’s chief executive Robert Sinclair said: "The good news for anyone planning a holiday or a business trip is that we will be the first mainstream UK airport to offer a fully CT security experience from the end of this month. The new lanes will not only cut hassle but also queuing times, which I know passengers will love."

When will other UK airports introduce the new rules?

It is thought the new scanners will be rolled out at major UK airports in the coming months, but London City will be the first.

A Gatwick Airport spokesperson said: “We are currently trialling this new technology and will meet the government’s deadline of June 2024 to implement it across the airport.

 “In the meantime, passengers should continue to follow all existing rules, ensuring they do not carry any liquids, gels, pastes, or creams of more than 100ml in their hand luggage. Any items below 100ml need to be placed in a transparent, resealable bag to be screened through security, while laptops, tablets, coats, watches and belts also need to be removed and placed in a separate tray.

“By being prepared, we hope to get passengers through airport security quickly, so they can go on and relax ahead of their flight, enjoy a drink or sit down for a meal.”

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