Actor Noel Clarke accused of sexual misconduct on Doctor Who set

More women have come forward accusing the actor of sexual misconduct following allegations published in the Guardian last week.
The actor denies allegations of criminal behaviour and sexual misconduct.The actor denies allegations of criminal behaviour and sexual misconduct.
The actor denies allegations of criminal behaviour and sexual misconduct.

Actor Noel Clarke has been accused of sexual misconduct during his time on the set of BBC’s Doctor Who.

The allegations, which include inappropriate comments and unwanted touching, were published by the Guardian today (May 7) following a string of earlier allegations published by the paper last week.

Clarke has continued to deny accusations of sexual misconduct or criminal behaviour, but has said he will be seeking professional help and has apologised “deeply” for his actions.

The actor played vehicle technician Mickey Smith between 2005 and 2010 in BBC’s Doctor Who, and has been accused of inappropriate behaviour on set by several who worked with him during this time.

One woman working as a driver and runner on the series told the Guardian that she had complained about Clarke’s behaviour towards her and got put on different duties as a result.

Another, working as a costume assistant, said Clarke had made inappropriate comments towards her while she was assisting him.

A statement from the BBC to the PA news agency said: “The BBC is against all forms of inappropriate behaviour and we’re shocked to hear of these allegations.

“To be absolutely clear, we will investigate any specific allegations made by individuals to the BBC – and if anyone has been subjected to or witnessed inappropriate behaviour of any kind we would encourage them to raise it with us directly.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach and robust processes are in place – which are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect best practice – to ensure any complaints or concerns are handled with the utmost seriousness and care.”

Clarke’s co-star John Barrowman, who played Captain Jack Harkness, has also been accused of repeatedly exposing himself on the set of the show.

A recently resurfaced video from 2015 shows Clarke making jokes about Barrowman exposing his penis “every five seconds” and “hitting it on everything”.

Sources told the newspaper they did not believe Barrowman’s behaviour to be sexually predatory and described it as misjudged “larking about” and “joking”.

Barrowman told the Guardian his “high-spirited behaviour” was “only ever intended in good humour to entertain colleagues on set and backstage.

Barrowman added that he was at no point made aware of any allegations against Clarke.

Representatives for Clarke and Barrowman have been contacted for comment.

Additional reporting by PA.