'It wasn't moving like a plane' - Student captures images of 'UFO' hovering 'for 10 seconds' over the sea

A student was left shocked after spotting a large UFO hovering "for 10 seconds" over the sea.

Matthew Evans spotted the bright unidentified object while peeping out of his top-floor flat window last week (Photos: Matthew Evans/SWNS)
Matthew Evans spotted the bright unidentified object while peeping out of his top-floor flat window last week (Photos: Matthew Evans/SWNS)

Matthew Evans, 36, spotted the bright unidentified object while looking out of his top-floor flat window last week.

His photos show four bright lights in a triangular-shaped formation lingering in the night's sky.

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The mature student managed to whip out his phone to take a picture but within seconds the suspect object flew off into the distance.

A zoomed in version of the photo (Matthew Evans / SWNS)

Unusual movement

Matthew, from Tidmouth, Devon, said: "I couldn't help but see it.

"My kitchen window gives a great view of the sea.

"It wasn't moving like a plane would.

"It was moving a lot slower and went up and down for a bit before hovering a good ten seconds.

"It stayed in one spot long enough for me to pull out my phone and get those snaps.

"Then it quickly zoomed off at some speed and I couldn't see it anymore.

"The light was really bright.

"I just didn't know what it could be so I decided to take a picture.

"I'm not quite losing my marbles yet.

"But it's hard to place it so I suppose it is an unidentified flying object."

Is the truth out there?

The mystery of UFOs has long been a source of fierce debate.

Last week, a highly anticipated US government report delivered its findings into UFOs after numerous reports from the US military of vehicles seen moving erratically in the sky.

The found "no clear indications that there is any non-terrestrial explanation" for the sightings, but also did not rule it out.

This prompted the UK Government to announce that it has no plans to conduct its own investigation, “because in over 50 years no such reporting had indicated the existence of any military threat to the United Kingdom”.

The interim Pentagon report said of 144 sightings by military pilots since 2004, all but one remain unexplained.

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