Virgin Mobile: millions of customers set to be hit by price hike

Sim only and pay monthly customers will be impacted by the charge

Virgin Mobile prices are set to rise this July (Shutterstock)
Virgin Mobile prices are set to rise this July (Shutterstock)

Virgin Mobile is set to hit almost three million customers with a price hike this summer.

The increase will see Sim only and pay monthly customers bills hit with a 1.5% increase in price.

Customers who took a contract out with the mobile network provider before May 5 will be hit with the hike on July 1.

Mobile users who currently pay £30-a-month will be required to pay an additional 45p every month.

Pay-as-you-go customers will not be impacted by the rise in price.

Increase in line with inflation

Virgin say that they began informing users of their network in May.

A spokesperson said: “we’re committed to delivering the very best for our customers.

"We want to offer the best, most innovative mobile services possible, and to continue delivering the flexibility, speeds and products our customers expect from us, we occasionally need to review our pricing."

The increase is in line with a recent increase in inflation. Network providers typically state in a mobile contract’s terms and conditions that they are entitled to increase the monthly price of a contract so long as it is in line with inflation.

This is the first time in two years that Virgin Mobile has introduced an RPI related price increase.