Watch: daredevil base jumps off the narrowest ridge in the UK at Glen Coe

This stunning video shows a daredevil base jumping off the narrowest ridge in the UK in a 'heart in mouth' moment

Nick Cowie, 32, said his heart was in his mouth when he saw two base jumpers jump from a ridge at Aonach Eagach, Glen Coe on Wednesday, May 19.

He filmed the footage at 3,100 feet, and said it reminded him of a scene from an action movie - but was just missing some explosions.

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The Aonach Eagach ridge towers at 953m high and is often thought of as the UK’s toughest ridge walk, due to it being the narrowest in the country.

A person base jumps off a ridge at Aonach Eagach, Glen Coe, Scotland

Talent acquisition consultant Nick was blown away when he heard a parachute deploy when he was on the ridge.

Nick, who is from Glasgow but lives in London said: "We started the hike at around 8am, and I reckon we were probably at about 960 metres or 3,100 feet.

"There were two base jumpers, we don’t know the guys, just as we got to the top and start of the Aonach Eagach ridge we heard the first parachute deploy and saw them.

"I was blown away really, it’s such a sharp drop and narrow gully, no margin for error.

"My heart was in my mouth when he jumped and we were elated to see him sail off into the distance.

"It was like something out of an action film.

"All it needed was an explosion or two.

"It’s the narrowest ridge in the UK so definitely has some dangers, especially if you climb the pinnacles.

"I didn’t look too much at the photo and video at the time as we had the whole ridge and pinnacles to climb, but looking back I’m very happy with them and wish I had taken a few more.

"It’s definitely one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done."