Andrew Gosden: missing Doncaster teen’s dad says he ‘can’t afford’ to lose hope 15 years after disappearance

Andrew Gosden’s dad Kevin said: ‘He’s now been missing a year longer than we had him in our lives, which is quite a difficult landmark’

The dad of a boy who vanished 15 years ago has said he “can’t afford to lose hope” on the anniversary of his disappearance.

Kevin Gosden, 56, has paid tribute to his missing son Andrew Gosden, 14, who disappeared without a trace in September 2007.

Andrew went missing from his home in Doncaster, withdrew £200 and bought a one-way ticket to London.

There has also been no confirmed sightings of Andrew since he went missing.

His family and police believe he boarded a train at 9.35am, arriving at Kings Cross at 11.20am.

CCTV images captured at the station – and later released by South Yorkshire Police – made up the last known sighting of Andrew, with no further information about his movements corroborated by officers.

Andrew Gosden’s dad has spoken out on the 15th anniversary of his disappearance.

‘The most difficult thing to deal with is the not knowing’

Yesterday (Sept 14), Kevin shared a touching tribute saying that he still holds out hope that he will see his son again.

He said: “If you let go of that, you just have to give up completely.

“The most difficult thing to deal with is the not knowing, but then the possibility that you might find out something concrete is a little bit torturous.

“And of course there’s an element of fearing what you could find out.”

Since the last known sighting of Andrew, no information about his movements has been corroborated by police, despite a massive manhunt.

Andrew’s family has campaigned hard to try to find what had happened to him over the years, to no avail.

A search was made of the River Thames at one stage and experts even drew up artists’ impressions of what he would look like as an adult to try to update the search.

His face has featured in campaigns all across the country as missing peoples charities have publicised his case everywhere from on milk cartons to buses.

It was 15 years ago that South Yorkshire teenager Andrew Gosden  headed off from home, thought to be heading to school. CCTV footage of Andrew Gosden leaving King's Cross train station in London

‘After 15 years we’re still pretty much in the same place’

Kevin added: “It’s impossible to describe. It is just horrible.

“After 15 years, we’re still pretty much in the same place.

“He’s now been missing a year longer than we had him in our lives, which is quite a difficult landmark.

“It’s not like losing a loved one, when you know that they’ve passed away and it takes time but you get through it.

“Whereas we’re stuck endlessly puzzling, wondering, searching and hoping.

“Just going round and round in circles.”

Highlighting the 15th anniversary of Andrew’s disappearance Missing People said: “Our thoughts are with both Andrew and his loved nes at this time.”

South Yorkshire Police sahred a similar tribute on social media saying: “Our thoughts are with Andrew Gosden and his family today as we mark 15 years since his disappearance.”

Kevin has said it has been a “particularly intense” year and he is still waiting for police to provide an update on the investigation.

South Yorkshire Police officers investigating the disappearance made two arrests in London in December 2021.

A 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap, human trafficking and the possession of indecent images of children.

A 38-year-old man was also arrested on suspicion of kidnap and human trafficking but both men were released under investigation while enquiries continue.