Police and FA investigating after referee victim of horror on-field assault during match in Lancashire

Referee Dave Bradshaw sustained a broken nose, four broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a broken collarbone after giving a red card to a player.

The FA has said it is investigating after a referee was left with “significant injuries” after an on-pitch assault.

Dave Bradshaw was officiating the clash between Platt Bridge and Wigan Rose when he brandished a red card to one of the Platt Bridge players.

What followed saw Bradshaw sustain a broken nose, four broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, a broken collarbone, concussion and whiplash.

He was admitted to hospital but has since been released.

Dave BradshawDave Bradshaw
Dave Bradshaw

Police and FA investigating

Greater Manchester Police and the Lancashire Football Association are already investigating the matter.

Platt Bridge have confirmed the player in question has already left the club.

"Hi all, still at hospital, I've sustained significant injuries," Bradshaw posted on social media on Sunday evening.

Referee Dave Bradshaw is helped by onlookersReferee Dave Bradshaw is helped by onlookers
Referee Dave Bradshaw is helped by onlookers

"But I'll survive, thanks for all the nice messages I've received. Up the refs"

He later added: "Hi all, been a very traumatic 12 hours, thanks for all the kind words.

"I've sustained substantial injuries but I'll survive.

‘We have spoken to the ref and apologised’

Platt Bridge FC tweeted: "We as a club do not condone any violence towards anyone in the football community.

"We are ashamed of what has happened, and the player is no longer playing with our team going forward.

"We as a team hope we can build our reputation back to what we have worked so hard for."

A further message confirmed: "We have spoken to the ref and apologised."

‘We are investigating the incidents as a matter of urgency’

The FA eventually responded on Monday evening, releasing a statement entitled “Enough is Enough’ saying it was aware of an assault during the match as well as one at another game in the area and said they would be dealt with ‘as a matter of urgency’.

It read: “We are aware of incidents of assault on a match official and a player during matches played this weekend in Lancashire.

"We have been very clear that all forms of anti-social behaviour, abuse and assaults on match officials and participants are completely unacceptable and we will not tolerate this in the game.

"We are investigating the incidents as a matter of urgency, working with the Lancashire FA, who are liaising with the police and supporting the match official and player affected."

Responding to the FA’s statement the ‘Refsupportuk’ Twitter account, called for it to “make changes now”.

It said: “To be fair to The Fa this is a welcome, but sad change to their modus operandi, as they have never in the past made a statement like this.

“They must make it clear what their idea is that #enoughisenough. No more holding statements no more soulless campaigns. Make changes now”