When will it rain in the UK? When is it going to rain next according to Met Office - and when did it last rain

When will it rain in the UK? When is it going to rain next according to Met Office - and when did it last rain

The UK is experiencing another another heatwave and now a drought has been declared as temperatures continue to soar.

The prolonged hot weather in the UK, which peaked with a historic 40c temperature recorded during a two day heatwave on 18 and 19 July, has also led to a serious lack of rainfall.

In fact, some parts of the UK have seen the lowest amount of rainfall in July since Met Office records began almost 200 years ago, in 1836.

August marks the fourth month that parts of Britain have seen little to no rain, according to government rainfall logs, and levels of water in rivers and reservoirs have fallen to the lowest levels since the great heatwave of 1976.

The lack of water also means that hosepipe bans have been implemented in parts of the country, with more planned for later in August, and further ones expected.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that everyone is asking the same question - when will it rain again in the UK?

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Met Office has warned that “very little meaningful rain” is forecast in the UK in the coming weeks.

When will it rain next in the UK?

When we will next see rain depends on where in the UK you live, according to experts.

People in the north can expect to see rain showers in the week beginning Monday 15 August, although there could be thunderstorms in the south.

The long range forecast from the Met Office states that “mainly dry and settled weather will likely continue for most” this week.

“The north is expected to see the most of any precipitation, but there is also a low risk of thunderstorms developing in the south.

“Temperatures will likely be very warm, locally hot for much of England and Wales, especially across the southern parts, but closer to normal while still warm elsewhere.”

More rain is expected across the UK in the last couple of weeks of August, and there’s an increased chance of thunderstorms in the south.

Met Office experts state: “The second half of August may bring a shift away from the earlier settled conditions for many, with occasional periods of unsettled weather over the northern and western parts, and increased chances of thunderstorms in the south.

“Further into the period, the unsettled conditions may spread further south and east at times, although the north and west are still likely to see the most of any precipitation.”

The amount of rain which fell throughout July 2022 was at the lowest since 1984 across the country as a whole, with an average 37.7mm, or 1.5 inches, of rain.

Last month was also the eighth driest in records stretching back to 1836.

What has the Met Office said?

Met Office chief forecaster Steve Willington said: “As the high pressure builds there is very little meaningful rain in the forecast, especially in those areas in the south of England, which experienced very dry conditions last month.

“Elsewhere in the UK, such as in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, rain-bearing weather fronts will make limited headway against the high pressure, bringing some rain to north-western parts of the UK.”

He added: “Rainfall has not been distributed evenly in July, as is often the case in the UK, though the contrast has been more stark than usual.”

England had just 35 per cent (23.1mm) of its average rainfall for July 2022, Wales 53 per cent (52mm), Northern Ireland 51 per cent (45.8mm), and Scotland topped the billing with 81 per cent (83.6mm).

Will it rain today in the UK?

The Met Office provides a daily rainfall forecast which provides hourly updates on where rain is expected today and tomorrow.

There’s also a rainfall map showing you where in the country it will rain today.

The map can also be used to determine whether the rain today or tomorrow will be persistent or more intermittent.

You can view the Met Office rainfall map on the official Met Office website.

What temperatures are expected in the UK?

Temperatures are likely to remain high throughout August.

The Met Office long range forecast reads: “Temperatures will trend between average and warm for most, and likely warm or very warm in the south, where it will also turn humid at times.”

It is the combination of warm air mixed with cooler air that may occur if it rains that could cause thunderstorms as this weather phenomenon happens when warm air exists underneath much colder air.

When did it last rain in the UK?

When it last rained in the UK depends on where in the country you live.

There has been some brief periods of rainfall throughout the first few days of August, getting more prolonged during mid-August, but there has not been any meaningful rainfall since May 2022.