UK weather forecast: Temperatures set to soar – but heavy rain and thunder will hit first

Warmer temperatures are on the way, but heavy rain is set to hit the UK first

The Met Office forecast has predicted that warm weather is on its way to the UK in the upcoming weeks, with sunshine and a rise in temperatures expected.

But before the warmer weather arrives, heavy rain is set to hit most of the nation.

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Here’s what you need to know.

Warmer temperatures are on the way, but heavy rain is set to hit the UK first (Photo: Shutterstock)

This remainder of this week will see grey skies and rainy conditions for many.

Wednesday (7 July) will be a rather cloudy start with showers, especially in the northeast and southwest.

Cloud will break to allow more sunny spells to develop by afternoon, but there will also be a scattering of heavy, possibly thundery showers.

Wednesday evening will see showers, some of which will be heavy, “dying out by midnight to leave a mostly dry night with occasional clear spells and perhaps a few mist patches by dawn,” said the Met Office.

Thursday (8 July) will be a warmer day for most with sunny spells and fewer showers, although some may be quite heavy in the south and east. There will also be light winds in some areas.

There will be a mixture of sunny spells and showers on Friday (9 July), though many areas will remain dry.

Showers, heavy and thundery in places, will develop on Saturday (10 July) and Sunday (11 July).

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When will weather conditions approve?

Looking further ahead, the Met Office UK outlook for Sunday 11 July to Tuesday 20 July forecasts a continuation of showers and longer periods of rain going into next week, these being potentially heavy and widespread.

However, from mid-next week onwards, it is most likely turning increasingly settled with a good deal of dry weather, variable cloud and spells of sunshine.

“For the remainder of this period, there is a chance of warmer and drier than average conditions overall,” said the Met Office.

Temperatures are likely to be around average in the northwest and above average elsewhere, while south and southeastern areas could see conditions feeling very warm.

For the rest of July and into early August, there is a chance of conditions being warmer and drier than average overall, according to the Met Office.

However, some occasional spells of unsettled weather are still possible, especially in the northwest of the UK, but most areas should have a good deal of fine and dry weather.

There also remains a low risk of thunder, especially across southern and eastern areas.

The Met Office said: “Temperatures are likely to be above average, with the south possibly feeling very warm or hot at times.”