UK weather: forecasters warn that nowhere is ‘immune’ to snow and sleet as temperatures plummet to -8C

Snow and ice warnings are in place for parts of the UK as forecasters warn of wintry weather today.

Parts of the UK could see temperatures plummet to minus 8C (17.6F) today as forecasters warn that nowhere will be "immune" to sleet and snow.

It has been a cold start to Tuesday with temperatures hovering around minus 2C (28.4F) in the south of England and minus 5C (23F) in the north.

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Snow warnings are in place for northern Scotland until 10am, with as much as 2cm falling in higher areas.

Forecasters warn that nowhere will be "immune" to sleet and snow today

A separate yellow warning for snow and ice is also in place for west Wales and Northern Ireland until 10am, with up to 4cm expected to fall.

‘Nobody is entirely immune to the odd bit of sleet or snow’

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said wintry showers will sweep across Wales, south-west England, and down the east coast during the day.

He said: "Through the afternoon we might even get a few homegrown showers, so really anywhere could catch a wintry shower by the time we get to the end of the afternoon.

"Nobody is entirely immune to the odd bit of sleet or snow. It won't last long and it won't settle for very long either, but nobody is going to be 100% safe from not seeing anything."

Today’s forecast

Temperatures are forecast to hit highs of just 8C in the south of England, and around 4C (39.2F) to 5C (41F) in the north later on Tuesday.

However, Mr Partridge said the windchill will see most of the south feel "a couple of degrees above freezing", while in Scotland the temperature will feel around minus 5C.

Tuesday night is forecast to be the coldest this week, with the mercury plummeting to minus 5C in southern and central England in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

In the north of England and into Scotland, temperatures are expected to hover around minus 6C (21.2F) to minus 8C.

Wednesday will be a mostly dry day, with temperatures forecast to be around 8C (46.4F) to 10C (50F) in the south.