How many school shootings have there been in America? Map shows every case since 1970s after Texas mass attack

School shootings have happened in almost every state in the US since the 1970s – these charts will show you the scale of the problem.

The latest school shooting in America at Robb Elementary School in Texas is one of the deadliest on record, leaving 19 children and two adults dead.

But school shooting incidents are not uncommon in America – thousands of gun related shooting incidents at schools have been recorded since 1970, according to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s K-12 School Shooting Database.

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Since then there have been an average of almost 40 school shooting incidents every year, or three per month – but they are getting much more common.

But where have school shooting incidents happened in the US? And which states have been the worst affected?

Our interactive maps and charts below reveal the scale of school shootings across America.

How many school shootings have there been in America?

Since 1970, when current records began, there have been 2,052 school shooting incidents in America which have left 661 dead.

Last year figures reached an all time high with over 250 incidents recorded – a 120% increase on the year before when 114 incidents were recorded.

So far this year 139 shootings have been recorded (including the Robb Elementary School attack) leaving 48 dead.


Which schools have had the deadliest shooting incidents?

School shooting incidents vary in severity with some having no recorded casualties while others report dozens of fatalities.

A shooting incident is logged every time a gun is brandished or discharged on school property. Besides indiscriminate mass shootings, incidents will include accidental shootings, suicides, or shootings outside of school hours but on the grounds.

Based on the available data, 52 shootings have resulted in at least two fatalities and 470 in one fatality, with 1,276 incidents happening during school hours.

The 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut remains America’s deadliest shooting with 26 being killed, five more than at Robb Elementary School which is now the second worst on record. The third deadliest shooting incident was at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida which killed 17 people.


Where have school shootings happened in the USA?

School shootings have happened across the US since 1970.

Our interactive map below shows exactly where and when school shooting incidents have happened in the US and how many people have been killed.


By state, California has had the greatest number of school shooting incidents with 214 recorded since 1970. These have resulted in 85 deaths.

Texas has had the second highest  number of shooting incidents with 176 in total and 74 deaths, followed by Florida with 120 incidents and 48 killed.

The map below shows which states have been worst affected. The darker the state, the higher the number of shootings.


Who are the victims?

Hundreds of students, teachers, bus drivers, police officers and parents have all lost their lives because of school shootings in America.

Age data is available for 97% of victims with the figures showing 67% were under 18 while 33% were over 18. This includes people who were killed or injured during shootings.

Excluding the most recent Texas shooting, the historic figures show at least 423 children and teenagers have been killed (39 of them aged under 10), 1,383 have been wounded (40 under 10) and 82 have suffered minor injuries.

The youngest victims were just one year old.

Ethnicity data is only available for 314 victims (10% of all victims) but the figures show 151 Black people have been killed or injured during school shootings, followed by 118 White people, 36 Hispanic people and nine Asian people.

A small number of shootings initially appeared in the wrong state on our maps due to duplicate city names. Both maps have been updated.