James Smith Cree Nation: where did Canada stabbings take place - Saskatchewan community near Weldon location

Two men have been suspected of stabbing at least 10 people to death on the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon

Ten people have been killed and 15 injured in a mass stabbing in a remote part of rural Canada.

The savage attacks were at 13 different locations in the James Smith Cree Nation and in the nearby village of Weldon, in the central Canadian province

The reservation is home to three nations. The attack is now considered one of the deadliest massacres in Canadian history.

James Smith Cree Nation, in Saskatchewan, Canada, where the attacks happened. Credit: Google

Where is the James Smith Cree Nation? 

The first nation received its name from the original chief and is located 58 kilometres east of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Canada.


The Nation has one reserve called Fort a la Corne #100, which is located north of Kinistino, near Fort de la Corne, on the Saskatchewan River.

The James Smith reserve was historically known as Fort-a-la-Corne and became a gathering place for many different First Nations.

The ands are located on the north and south side of the Saskatchewan River.

Who lives on the James Cree Nation? 

James Smith has a current population of 3,412 and the on-reserve population is estimated to be at 1,892 members.

First Nation Bands are also known as band governments, Indian bands or just as First Nation.


They are a basic unit of government for people subjected to the Indian Act - an act passed in 1876, looking into how the Canadian Parliament interacts with registered Indians, and the system of Indian reserves.

Bands are typically made up of small groups of people and are represented by a band council. As of 2013, there were 253 First Nations.

The current Nations on the James Smith Cree Nation reserve are James Smith, with their Chief being Chief Wally Burns. The Peter Chapman First Nation, with their Chief being Rob Head, and the Chakastaypasin First Nation whose Chief is Calvin Sanderson.

Main Street in Weldon, Saskatchewan, where some of the stabbings happened. Creidt: Google

Where did the stabbings happen? 

Victims of the stabbing were found in 13 locations in the remote indigenous community and nearby village, Weldon, but the exact whereabouts have not yet been revealed.


The region is one of Canada’s largest and most remote.

Two suspects named Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson are on the run and are considered armed and dangerous. A state of emergency was declared in the James Smith Cree Nation and a dangerous person alert was sent to all mobile phones across the provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta - a region almost half the size of Europe.

What has been said of the situation? 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement: “I am shocked and devastated by the horrific attacks today.

“As Canadians, we mourn with everyone affected by this tragic violence, and with the people of Saskatchewan.”


In a statement released on Sunday 4 September, the Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police said: “Our thoughts are with the many victims - deceased and injured - their families, friends and communities. It’s horrific what has occurred in our province today.

“Know that the Saskatchewan RCMP is committed and will remain committed to using every resource we have to locate and arrest these two individuals.”

Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations indicated the attacks may be drug related and said: “This is the destruction we face when harmful illegal drugs invade our communities.”