Myanmmar CRPH: what is the government being set up in opposition to the military - and who are its members?

The Committee Representing the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw intends to delegitimise the military junta in charge of Myanmar as the coup continues

Elected members of Myanmar’s parliament are declaring a parallel civilian government in opposition to military coup leaders.

The launch of the opposition parliament will coincide with the official end of leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s term, weeks after the state counsellor of Myanmar was ousted from power.The move comes as the southeast Asian country’s people reel from increasingly violent attacks carried out by the military which seized power in February.

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The military junta carried out airstrikes on the east of the country which forced thousands of members of the Karen ethnic minority to seek shelter in neighbouring Thailand.

Mass protests have been held in Myanmar since the military coup in February (Getty Images)

At least 510 protesters have been killed since the coup, according to Myanmar's Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, which says the true toll is likely to be much higher. It says 2,574 people have been detained.

Protests continued Tuesday despite the deaths of more than 100 people on Saturday alone.

Who are the CRPH?

The opposition parliament has been named the Committee Representing the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, meaning national parliament.

The group is made up of members of parliament from opposition parties described by Zin Mar Aung, an MP for National League for Democracy and the CRPH’s acting foreign minister as “a coalition around a vision of democracy: a national federal, democratic state”.

She told Bangkok Post: "although the NLD is dominant amongst the elected parliamentarians, it is not going to be a one-party based government. It's a coalition around a vision of democracy: a national federal, democratic state”.

According to Bangkok Post the new parliament has been working closely with protestors, armed groups and political parties since the military coup which took place on February 1.

The CRPH has already assigned cabinet positions to ministers and plans to launch a new constitution in line with the new parliament.

What is the goal of CRPH?

Writing for Bangkok Post, Myanmar specialist Larry Jagan explained the goals of the new parliament.

He wrote: “The CRPH's main task is working out a roadmap for the return to democracy and how to maintain the movement's momentum.

"At the same time the movement is committed to make it as difficult as possible for the military to run the country: cutting off their resources -- by boycotting their firms and those of their family and children; urging companies not to pay taxes; by bringing the administration to a standstill -- encouraging banks, hospitals, schools and shops not to open; and to delegitimise them in every way.”

What is happening in Myanmar?

Citizens of Myanmar have been taking part in mass protests across the country following the military’s seizure of power on February 1.

Political leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi and members of her NLD party have been detained

An estimated 510 protestors have been killed in Myanmar since February’s coup, according to Myanmar's Assistance Association for Political Prisoners.