Patriots’ Day 2022: when is US holiday, what is it, how’s it celebrated, and link to Boston Marathon explained

Millions of American will be marking Patriots’ Day on 18 April

<p>Millions of Americans celebrate Patriot’s Day - but what exactly does the holiday represent? (Credit: Adobe)</p>

Millions of Americans celebrate Patriot’s Day - but what exactly does the holiday represent? (Credit: Adobe)

Patriots’ Day is an important holiday in the calendar of many Americans, however it may not be as well-known to the international community.

The annual holiday is used to commemorate the beginning of the American Revolutionary War in 1775.

For almost 130 years, citizens of states in the east coast of the United States have marked the day with a range of event.

Here’s everything you need to know about the holiday and how it is celebrated.

What is Patriots’ Day?

Partriots’ day has been held in the east coast state of Massechusetts since 1894.

People often take part in battle reenactments as part of Patriots’ Day celebrations. (credit: Getty Images)

The holiday commemorates the battles of Lexington, Concord and Menotomy, some of the earliest in the American Revolutionary War.

The day was originally to be called either ‘Lexington Day’ or ‘Concord Day’, however it was also pointed out the bigger battle at Menotomy - now known as Arlington - would not be included in this celebration.

As a compromise, the day was called ‘Patriots’ Day’ to include all key battles in the region.

When is Patriots’ Day?

Patriots’ Day is held every year on the third Monday in April.

Therefore, the date moves annually.

The 2022 holiday will be held on 18 April.

However, prior to 1969, the holiday was always held specifically on 19 April, the date on which the battles of Lexington and Concord took place.

It was moved to guarrantee a three-day week for citizens of the states which recognise it.

Which states recognise Patriots’ Day?

Massachusetts introduced the state holiday in 1894, while Maine adopted the state holiday in 1907.

A public holiday is given to citizens of both sates, with governmental office and public schools closed on this day.

The holiday is also punctuated in Maine as Patriot’s Day, rather than Patriots’ Day.

Other states, such as Wisconsin and North Dakota, recognise the holiday but do not class it as a public holiday.

How is Patriots’ Day celebrated?

Throughout the states, battle reenactments take place to mark the holiday.

However, the most significant celebration is the Boston Marathon, which is always held on the Patriots’ Day.

As a result of the synomyous link between the two, Patriots’ Day is often also reffered to a “Marathon Monday”.

The marathon attracts around 25,000 to 30,000 runners per year and has been held almost every year since its introduction in 1897.

Thousands of runner take part in the Boston marathon which is held every year on Patriots’ Day. (Credit: Getty Images)

The only time in which the marathon has been cancelled is in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while the 2021 edition was moved to 11 October.

It hit the headlines in 2013 after a domestic terrorist attack saw the marathon bombed.

Three people died following the incident, with more than 250 others injured.

The Boston Red Sox are also always scheduled to play a home baseball match at Fenway Park every year on Patriots’ Day.

However, this has been routinely reschduled or cancelled in the past due to external factors such as baseball strikes and the Covid-19 pandemic.

When the match is able to be played, it often coincides with the timing of the Boston Marathon, with runner passing the stadium in the middle of the game.