The Chair: release date of Netflix series starring Sandra Oh, cast,  reviews, and what’s it about?

Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh and Emmy winner Jay Duplass star in this academic drama-comedy, now available on Netflix

Golden Globe award winner Sandra Oh’s new series, The Chair, is set to be another bingeable Netflix show.

The drama delves into the outdated status quo of institutional sexism, racism and ‘work harder’ attitudes, as Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) attempts to redeem the English department of an Arts School.

So, what is the story line and who else stars in this riveting comedy-drama? This is what you need to know.

What is The Chair about?

The Chair is a fictional drama about Dr Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman of colour to become the head of the English Department at Pembroke College, a picturesque, liberal Arts College.

Amid falling student enrolment numbers and deep-rooted sexism and racism, Dr Kim attempts to keep the department afloat and right the historic wrongs entrenched within it.

The series explores the relationship between political correctness and ‘cancel culture,’ through the different characters - from teachers to students - while also being witty and funny.

The first season also develops relationships between Dr Kim and her staff, from unravelling work flirt Bill (Jay Duplass) to unassuming but low-key hilarious lecturer Joan.

Who is cast in ‘The Chair’?

Alongside Sandra Oh is Emmy award winning actor Jay Duplass (The Puffy Chair, Cyrus) as Bill.

Lecturers at the school are increasingly insecure Elliot (Bob Balaban), and elder stateswoman Joan, played by another Emmy award winner, Holland Taylor (Two and a half men, Legally Blonde).

Also starring in The Chair is Dr Kim’s young daughter Ju Ju is Everly Carganilla.

Where was ‘The Chair’ filmed?

The Chair was predominantly filmed in Pennsylvania, US.

Pembroke College was actually filmed at Swanson Science Center on the Washington and Jefferson campus in Washington, Pennsylvania.

It is believed some of the scenes were also shot in and around South College Street, as well as neighbouring suburban areas around the campus.

‘The Chair’ reviews

The Guardian describes Sandra Oh as ‘first class’, in her first leading comedic role, while describing the plot as ‘ a genuine exploration, a dramatised discussion of intergenerational differences and divides that few are seeking to take the heat out of and examine with real interest.’

Vulture begrudges the 30 minute long episodes, only because it leaves the viewer feeling unsatisfied with how short lived the epic series is. Paying compliments to the series, Chaney described it as similar to paying compliments to the chef while left with a rumbling stomach.

USA today also advise giving the miniseries a shot, describing the Netflix show as having ‘darkly funny satire, skewering aspects of modern higher education with veritable glee.’

The American publication added: ‘If some of these antics feel a bit too over the top to be realistic, you need only to look at recent higher-education headlines to find that it’s not all that outrageous.’

When is ‘The Chair’ released?

All six episodes of ‘The Chair’ are now available on Netflix for subscribers of the streaming service.

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