NationalWorld is one year old - here’s a reintroduction to what we’re all about

A look back at the first year of NationalWorld from editor Nick Mitchell - and an invitation to tell us what you’d like us to do next

NationalWorld was launched in March 2021 (Graphic: Mark Hall)NationalWorld was launched in March 2021 (Graphic: Mark Hall)
NationalWorld was launched in March 2021 (Graphic: Mark Hall)

One year ago, we launched NationalWorld with a pledge to provide “incisive, informed and intelligent coverage of the issues that matter to you”.

With a focus on the regions of the UK (we’re not based in London, unlike other national titles), we hoped to “shift the focus to the people, places and perspectives which are still often underreported and unheard in the media”.

Fifteen thousand articles and around eight million words later, and these remain our overarching goals.

Our dedicated reporting team has produced important work in this vein, from our ‘Part Time Parliament’ investigation into MPs’ second jobs, to stories like our recent in-depth analysis showing how billions have been cut from local council budgets in England, despite the ‘levelling up’ mantra.

As well as holding power to account, we explain the big stories and talking points of the day, and we promise to you that any time spent on any of our articles will be time well spent.

News might be our bread and butter, but we know there’s far more to life. So we have also been developing our coverage of Sport and Culture, adding more commentary and analysis from our team of passionate and informed writers, and helping readers on topics as diverse as Nato membership and Wordle spin-offs stay informed and entertained.

This simple formula seems to be working, and our audience keeps building, to the extent that last month NationalWorld featured in a Press Gazette list of the fastest growing UK news brands in February.

However, we know that no news title is ever the finished product, and we want to constantly evolve and improve, to meet your needs and preferences as our readers.

In a piece marking six months of NationalWorld, I recapped some of the news events that had marked that period, from the vaccine rollout to the fall of Afghanistan.

Since then we’ve had the Downing Street party scandal, the tragic war in Ukraine and the growing cost-of-living crisis, to name just a few issues that have dominated our coverage.

No matter what the news cycle throws up, you can be confident you will find what you need to know - and a bit more besides - on, and we’re proud of that.

If you have any feedback or ideas of what we should do more (or less of), please write to me at [email protected].

Alternatively, you can follow and interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn - and sign up to our growing list of newsletters for a curated mix of our best reads.

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