Uncovered podcast from NationalWorld: why levelling up is costing councils in England millions

Ethan Shone joins Kelly Crichton to explain why councils in England have wasted millions on levelling up - a policy which was originally designed to benefit them

In the latest episode of Uncovered, NationalWorld’s news podcast, we take a closer look at how the process of funding levelling up has impacted councils in England.

NationalWorld’s investigative reporter Ethan Shone joins me to discuss his recent series revealing how councils have spent in excess of £27 million applying for funding, many of whom were unsuccessful in their bids. We also hear from a number of regional leaders who believe the process is flawed and are asking the government to reconsider their approach to allocating this funding.

In researching this story Ethan obtained data under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) from 245 upper and lower-tier local authorities in England. This information showed that many authorities were using external consultants to produce these bids.

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