16 of the best vegan skincare brands UK 2022 - including Biossance, e.l.f, Kylie Skincare and Summer Fridays

If you want to follow a vegan lifestyle, it’s not just about the food you eat - it’s also about the clothing you wear and the beauty products you use

16 of the best vegan skincare brands16 of the best vegan skincare brands
16 of the best vegan skincare brands

Veganism has been growing in popularity for many years now, and as a result many beauty brands will offer vegan ranges as part of their overall line. It is still quite difficult, however, to find a skincare and cosmetics company that is 100% vegan.

Why makes beauty products vegan?

Vegan beauty products do not contain animal ingredients, animal by-products, or any other animal-derived ingredients

Some brands may use natural ingredients and be cruelty-free - which means they aren’t tested on animals - but that doesn’t automatically mean they are vegan.

A lot of beauty products may be vegetarian instead, which means they will still use use animal by-products such as beeswax and honey.

For a range to be completely vegan they instead need to made using plant-based ingredients such as fruit waxes and nut butters and oils.

Are vegan beauty products expensive?

Not necessarily. As with the beauty industry as a whole, some brands are created to be budget-friendly and some are much more expensive. It’s up to you which brand you pick, of course, but the fact that a brand is vegan won’t be what determines the retail price of it’s products.

As always, we have selected brands which offer products from a wide price range, so there will be something to suit every budget.

How can I tell if a beauty brand is vegan?

In our experience, when a brand is 100% vegan they will be proud of that fact and will advertise it prominently on their webpage so it’s usually fairly obvious.

You may also find the logos for Vegan Action, the Vegan Society, PETA or The Vegetarian Society on the webpage, and you will more than likely find these on the bottle of the product itself.

It’s always a good idea though to read the product description and ingredients list though, or check with the brand directly, before you make a purchase.

Why is a good idea to buy vegan beauty products?

Put simply, because vegan beauty products do not contain any animal ingredients you know that no animals have been harmed in their creation, and that is a good thing.

It’s worth noting, however, that in much the same way that a cruelty-free product isn’t a vegan product the same can be said in reverse. It is rare that vegan products are tested on animals, but it does happen. Some products are also sold in other countries where animal testing is more common than it is here in the UK.

So, if you want to be 100% sure just what the brand you are buying stands for - or against - it’s always best to read the small print on the brand’s webpage or make contact with the brand direct to ask.

What beauty brands are vegan?

It may be difficult to find vegan beauty brands, but it’s not impossible. If you’re looking to change your beauty routine and opt for a totally vegan brand then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up 16 of the best 100% vegan skincare brands.

Check out the vegan beauty brands we are loving right now below.

Pai Skincare- Pai offers a fantastic range of vegan and organic products that are suitable for everyone, no matter what their skin type. Every Pai product is formulated and manufactured in its West London headquarters, and is made from the best quality natural ingredients. Pai products are certified organic by COSMOS, the Soil Association, the Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and is London Living Wage accredited. This means that everyone who works there to make this brilliant products gets paid a good wage that neans they can afford their every day living costs. It’s a win win.

e.l.f. cosmetics - e.l.f. is an American skincare and make-up brand. All of their formulas are 100% vegan, they don’t test on animals so you can enjoy any of their products totally guilt-free. All skincare is also free from sulfates and parabens.The brand prides themselves on creating top quality products that don’t cost the earth, so they are easily accessible for everyone.

Versed - Versed products have been developed for you, but with the planet in mind. They are much more than just a vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand. They are also focused on sustainability are are committed to reducing waste, lightening our carbon footprint, and preserving Earth’s ecosystems. The products are made with non-toxic ingredients that are proven to improve the skin. So, you know you’ll be getting a brilliant product that works with minimal packaging, and you’ll only be paying for what matters - the product itself. A perfect choice if you are also trying your best to minimise your own carbon footprint.

Kri Skincare- Kri products are made right here in the UK with a selection of hero ingredients that really work. You won’t find lots of different ingredients in any of their products so you will always know exactly what’s in them, and therefore what’s going on your face. The brand has promised that all of their products will always be 100% vegan, and they’ve also pledged to reduce waste too. Evert item is approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products.

Mio Skincare - Mio Skincare was the second brand to be launched under the Mio range. The first, Mama Mio, was created specifically for pregnant women. Mio Skincare followed to create feel-good products for everyone. They all contain plant-based formulas, they’re vegan and cruelty-free, and they have natural fragrances too. The packaging is also recyclable so this is a brand that’s kind to you and your skin and also kind to the planet. Both Mama Mio and Mio are available to buy online now.

Kylie Skincare - Kylie Skincare was launched by the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister in 2019, and it’s been a fan favourite among beauty lovers ever since then. When the brand was launched, Kylie confirmed that everything would be gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and suitable for all skin types. Last year, it was announced that Kylie was also relaunching her make-up brand, cruelty-free Kylie Cosmetics, as a fully vegan brand too.

Dieux Skin - Dieux Skin has taken the US market by storm, and now one of the top UK beauty retailers Cult Beauty have promised us that it will soon be available to buy here in the UK. We don’t know when yet, but you can join the mailing list to be among the first to know when you can start shopping. Expect to find vegan and cruelty-free products and sustainably-minded solutions to everyday skin care troubles — including the reusable Forever Eye Masks that have taken Instagram by a storm.

dear Klairs - dear Klairs is a Korean vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand. Their products are simple, containing only the most necessary ingredients. They are free from colourants, alcohol, parabens, and artificial fragrances too. The brand makes products which use natural ingredients which is great news if you have sensitive skin, as these are skincare products that have a low chance of skin irritation - but they do provide a lot of hydration. dear Klairs is registered as a vegan brand from the ‘The Vegan Society’, and also became the first skincare brand registering vegan cosmetics from the Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services in 2020.

Kate McIver Skin - Kate McIver products contain absolutely no chemicals or parabens and are completely vegan. Kate was an inspirational professional skin health expert who developed her own amazing formula to make her skin look and feel better while she underwent gruelling treatment for breast cancer. Sadly, Kate lost her battle with the disease in 2019, but her legacy is in her products which has been tried and tested by various celebrities, including Alex Gerrard, Vicky Pattison, Billie Faiers, Sophie Kasaei, Trinny Woodall and Lisa Snowdon, to name a few. The brand is also loved by many healthcare professionals, who often have to spend long hours wearing PPE and get dry skin as a result. Kate’s most famous product is her Secret Weapon Serum which rejuvinates normal, dehydrated, sensitive skin.

Procoal London - Procoal London is an independent brand which was launched in 2016 with the aim of making skincare products that maximise benefits for people and minimise the impact on environment. Their products are all expertly developed here in the UK using naturally derived ingredients. From natural deodorants to cleansers, all of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so they are fantastic for your skincare routine and your conscience too.

Skyn ICELAND - Skyn ICELAND is the only skincare line specifically formulated to treat the damaging effects of stress on skin using pure and potent natural ingredients from Iceland, as the name suggests. We all feel stress at some point, so this is a brand that could benefit us all. The brand takes inspiration from the natural oasis of unspoiled, mineral rich waters and pure air found in Iceland as well as mineral-rich volcanic soil which create plants with hyper-potent properties. It is from these plants that they create products that promise to soothe, stabilize, fortify and nourish the skin.

Kind Natured - Kind Natured, as the name suggests, holds kindness at its core of its brand. Developed to support people, planet, and self; the range consists of 100% vegan and 97% skincare products that are made from naturals ingredients and amazing aromas. Each product features a sustainably sourced key ingredient, is sourced in 100% recyclable packaging, and all tubes are made of a minimum of 30% recycled plastic too so they’re great for you and great for the environment.

Summer Fridays - Summer Fridays is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand that was created for people with busy lives and, well, isn’t that all of us? The products are also paraben-free, sulphate-free and come in recyclable packaging. You can shop by skin type, so whether your skin is normal, combination, oily, sensitive or dry you will find some gorgeous products which have been created specifically to suit you. The brand was launched by beauty infleuncers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores in 2018. Their first product, Jet Lag Mask, is an award-winning, one-of-a-kind hydrating cream face mask which conveniently doubles as a moisturiser, eye cream, and hand cream.

Starface - Starface is a brand that has been created specifically to help people who have acne-prone skin. According to the official website, the products are all cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan and leaping bunny certified. Any skin type, even super sensitive, can use them because they are made of formulas that are extra gentle. This brand does also have some really fun branding that will brighten up your bathroom cabinet and your morning.

Biossance - Biossance only launched in January 2020, but the brand is already loved by beauty experts and has won multiple awards. The creators of the brand have used science to create a new range of products that are unlike anything else on the market. From their vegan and cruelty-free status to the ethically and sustainably sourced moisterising molecule squalane (which is made from sugar cane) that’s found in every product, this line is out to change the beauty industry and your skin for the better. The brand is also certified by nonprofit organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

BYBI Beauty - BYBI was created in 2017 in London by the founders of natural beauty blog Clean Beauty Insiders, Elsie and Dominika. Their aim was to create a 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly skincare brand that was suitable and affordable for everyone - and they have succeeded. They create clean and effective skincare products dedicated to optimising your skin’s health by using potent and pure ingredients in high quantities. Packaged in environmentally responsible packaging and with prices starting at £9, BYBI creates great skincare that doesn’t cost the earth and helps to protect it too.