Aldi heated dressing gown: what is the new gown, blanket and throw set on sale - and how much does it cost?

Looking for ways to warm up quickly and easily? Aldi have answered your prayers, by creating a heated dressing gown

Kikrton House Heated CoatKikrton House Heated Coat
Kikrton House Heated Coat

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It sounds like a product of your dreams, but the heated housecoat really does exist.

Made by discount supermarket Aldi, not only is it a brilliant product but it’s a brilliant price too - just £34.99, from

But what’s it like?

It comes in both light grey and cream. They’ve called it a ‘throw with sleeves’ - not a dressing gown, but this is probably to side-step the fact that it doesn’t have a belt, and it drapes in a blanket-like fashion. If you’ve ever tried the Aldi heated blanket (if if you haven’t, get it on - £34.99,, it’s a cuddly dream), then you’ll recognise both the deliciously fleecy flannel fabric and the tech - it’s the same.

With nine temperature levels, you can transmute from mildly cosy to roasting hot. It has a timer, too, with nine steps on it - so it will turn off automatically after ten minutes, or up to 90 minutes, depending on preference (ideal for falling asleep in a toasty haze, without later walking up a sweaty heap).

It has a three-year guarantee, too, and built-in protection to stop it overheating.

The catch? You do need to be sat down to wear it - it needs to be plugged in, although the lead is 2.5m, so you can waddle around the room somewhat.

Best of all, though, it’s machine washable, once you remove the electrics - ideal if you enjoy snacking in your winter slobbies.

I’m still cold, what else can I do?

This isn’t the only product Aldi has launched to help us beat the winter chill.

There are also two heated blankets to choose from; a fleece heated blanket and a heated blanket with a foot pocket - both just £34.99.

For more targeted heat, there’s a heated neck wrap too for only £3.99.

If you want any of these products you need to be quick. They are already proving very popular with shoppers and, like previous products from the supermarket which people have fallen in love with, they are expected to sell out both online and in-store.

The dressing gown made of soft flannel fleece for a luxury feeling from the moment you wrap it around you - even before you turn it on.

It has nine different temperature settings and nine timer settings - all of which can easily be controlled using a handy contro panel - so you can be warm and cosy in no time.

It has detachable lead cable too so it can be put in the washing machine if needs be.

Also made of soft flannel fleece, this blanket has double layer heating for extra comfort and warmth.

Choose from nine temperature settings using the handheld controller, snuggle up and get cosy.

It heats up quickly so it’s ideal, whether you’re working from home or having a night on the sofa.

This heated blanket has the added bonus of a foot pocket so you can be sure your feet will be kept toasty at all times.

It also has nine temperature settings and nine timer choices too, so you can really tailor it to your needs.

Also machine washable.

Whether you have some pain or discomfort in your neck that you’d like to ease, or you simply want to relax, this heated neck wrap is ideal.

Made from plush fleece with ceramic beads that can be heated in the microwave, it also has a soothing, relaxing lavender scent to give you a real sense of calm.

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