Aldi’s Hanging Egg Cat Chair is sold out - here are 9 alternative cat toys and furniture pieces for your cat

Aldi’s Cat Egg Chair sold out in minutes, proving how much we love to spoil our catsAldi’s Cat Egg Chair sold out in minutes, proving how much we love to spoil our cats
Aldi’s Cat Egg Chair sold out in minutes, proving how much we love to spoil our cats | Aldi’s Cat Egg Chair sold out in minutes, proving how much we love to spoil our cats

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The Aldi Hanging Egg Chair for cats sold out in moments, proving that nothing’s too good for our cats. Here are alternative toys and cosy pet homes to keep them happy

If there was ever any doubt of how much people love to indulge their cats, then the success of the Aldi Hanging Egg Chair for cats put paid to it.

A feline follow-on from their wildly popular sell-out human egg chair, the cat version of the chair went on sale May 23 - and promptly sold out the same day. Irrefutable evidence, then, that nothing is too good for our moggies.

But while - undoubtedly - the idea of a rattan throne for a furball is inherently adorable, it’s arguably not the most practical gift (more than one colleague opined their cat would never sit in an egg chair). As an alternative, we’ve compiled a list of brilliant - in stock - cat toys and pieces of furniture for your pet to enjoy.

What are the benefits of cat toys?

Cat toys are a brilliant way to stimulate your cat’s mind, express their instinctive pouncing and chasing skills, encourage them to exercise more and prevent problems such as boredom and separation anxiety, according to the RSPCA.

They can also be used to develop your bond with your cat through interactive play, and not only that but they can offer a major source of enrichment, especially for indoor cats.

Here’s nine of the best that are on the market right now, to suit cats of all ages - and all budgets for owners!

139cm Tristin Cat Tree

If you have multiple kitties, they’ll adore this climbable condo, a fuzzy hideaway for them to play and sleep in.

Cats can often be more anxious than you’d expect, and keen to hideaway. This cat tree tower allows your kitties to sleep and play hide’n’seek in, with two ‘condos’ for them to hunker down. Adorable.

Ancol Y-Shaped Cat Play Tunnel

This toy provides nearly two meters of tunnel for your cat’s enjoyment. The crinkly Y-Shaped tunnel has a central pop-up hole to allow your cat to jump in or get out easily, as well as providing hours of fun. It folds flat for easy storage too.

Pets at Home Kitten Pink Multi Pack Cat Toys

If you like things all pink and pretty, you’ll love this set as much as your kitty! There’s a great range of toys in this pack, enough to keep your cat entertained for many hours.

It includes a feather stick to chase and catnip to play with. At £4.50 for the whole pack, that’s less than £1 an item so you can’t go wrong. Suitable for kittens and cats.

Kyali Oval Pet Bed, Small, Natural Walnut & Navy

If you’re after a cosy little kitty nook that will look absolutely chic your home, this pet bed from Made will do you proud.

Made from natural walnut, it’s sleek, minimalist, and stylish - ideal for your cat to sleep in.

Cactus Cat Tree

If your cats love to scratch (and they all do) then this cactus scratching post will give them a place to sharpen their claws to their heart’s content - without harming you.

Cute enough to keep in the living room, and made of cat-friendly jute.

Pets at Home Marco Multi Climber Cat Activity Centre

Preserve your furniture and curtains from clambering kitties with this activity centre - the perfect place for them to climb and scratch. They’ll mark it out as their own private kingdom - it even has the ideal perch for napping.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 153 x 49.5 x 49.5cm

Terri Pet Teepee, Large, Grey

Cosy, cute, and easy to move, this cat teepee is a lovely alternative to a traditional (and less attractive) cat bed.

Inside, there’s a reversible sherpa cushion, and the outside’s crafted from felt and pine. Also available in medium size.

Beeztees Cat Cube Play Dune

A portable cabin designed to offer a safe space for your cat to enjoy themselves playing.

With twelve loose cat balls and a ball on a string in a range of colours: mint, petrol and blue, your kitty can entertain themselves - especially in transit.

You can place this play cabin both horizontally and vertically.

Frolicat Bolt Automatic Laser Cat Toy

Well, this is adorable. This automated laser toy allows your cat to spend hours playing with random interactive laser patterns. A great way of ensuring exercise for your cat, even within the house.

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