Best jeans for women 2022: Levis, ASOS, M&S, River Island- skinny to ripped, how to buy for your body type

Best jeans for women 2022Best jeans for women 2022
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From skinny to straight, and mid rise to low rise, these are the best women’s jeans to suit every body type - and how to fit your jeans to your shape

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for all women, but trying to find a pair that suits you and fits well isn’t always easy.

Personal stylist Lindsay Edwards, of Reimagise Personal Styling, said: “‘It is notoriously difficult to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans. But, don’t let that deter you - like most great things, they are worth the wait.

“Jeans are a wardrobe staple for good reason - they’re durable, versatile and so easy to style.”

How do I find out which jeans suit me?

The best way to discover what suits you is to try on as many different styles as possible, according to Lindsday.

She added: “Have an open mind and try on styles of jeans that you wouldn’t usually consider, you might be surprised.

“Take your trainers and a pair of heels shopping with you too. Then, you can see how the jeans look with both styles of shoes in the fitting room.

“There’s nothing more frustrating then buying a pair of jeans that look great with the footwear you wore to the shops, but nothing else.”

You can also identify which type of jeans may suit you best before you’ve even got to the fitting room by using your body shape.

What body shape am I?

We’ve all heard words like ‘hourglass’ and ‘apple’ when it comes to discussion around women’s bodies, but what exactly are each of these body shapes and and how can tell which one you are?

This is everything you need to know, along with some famous examples of each body type which you will recognise.

1. Hourglass: Women who identify with this shape are likely to wear the same size top and bottom as an hourglass, have a clearly defined waist and bust, and a curved derriere.

Celebrities who have this body shape are television presenter Holly Willoughby and model Precious Lee.

Television presenter Holly Willoughby has an hourglass body shapeTelevision presenter Holly Willoughby has an hourglass body shape
Television presenter Holly Willoughby has an hourglass body shape | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

2. Pear-shaped: Women who identify with this shape have narrower shoulders and carry more weight on their hips or thighs. They are smaller on their top half than their bottom half and will often buy a size or more larger to accommodate curvy bottom and hips.

Celebrities who have this body shape are former First Lady Michelle Obama and singer and actress J-Lo.

Actress Jennifer Lopez has a pear body shapeActress Jennifer Lopez has a pear body shape
Actress Jennifer Lopez has a pear body shape | Getty Images

3. A strawberry shape/cornetto-shape/inverted triangle: This shape is characterised by narrower shoulders and a straight ribcage. Women of this shape have broad shoulders and a large full bust tapering to narrow hips, a flat bottom and slender legs. All of their curve is in the top half of their body.

Celebrities who have this body shape are Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and actress Salma Hayek.

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has a strawberry body shape Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has a strawberry body shape
Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has a strawberry body shape | Getty Images

4. Lean column/rectangle shape: Athletic-shaped women may identify with this shape. It’s charactertised by being straight up and down, with little to no discernible waistline, slender arms and legs, a small bust and a lack of curves.

Celebrities who have this body shape are Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and actress Natalie Portman.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has a rectangle body shape Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has a rectangle body shape
Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has a rectangle body shape | Getty Images

5. An apple/round shape: This shape is identified by fullness around the middle, curved back and rounded shoulder line. Women with this shape have a curvy top half with large bust, they carry all the weight in the stomach area with no discernible waistline, and have shapely legs and ankles.

Celebrities who have this body shape are actresses Melissa Mcarthy and Drew Barrymore.

Scroll down to see our full product gallery of jeans, and find your new favourite pair today.

River Island

Skinny jeans are loved by women of all ages and sizes season after season, and the fantasic news is they suit everybody - as long as you’re comfortable showing off the natural shape of your body.

Personal stylist Abbey Booth, who runs online fashion forum Stories with Clothes and specialises in body confidence, says although they haven’t been thought as the most trendy cut in recent years she believes they are here to stay as they have become ‘such a stalwart of many women’s wardrobes’.

Personal stylist Lindsay Edwards said: ‘Skinny jeans suit all body shapes as their streamlined fit naturally accentuates the wearer’s body shape.’

If you’d like a flattering pair of skinny jeans, try these Blue Molly mid rise bum sculpt skinny jeans from River Island, which will really accentuate your fabulous figure.

Available in sizes 6 to 18, as well as short, regular, long and extra long leg lengths and 10 different colours, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit and shade of denim for you.


Straight leg jeans work well because they can balance the top and bottom half of our bodies.

Award-winning celebrity stylist Natalie Robinson, known as Style Icon Nat, believes straight leg jeans look equally flattering on an hourglass or pear frame, as they ‘accentuate curves rather than cover them up’.

Personal stylist Abbey Booth agrees and advises that If you are petite you should look for high rise styles for leg lengthening benefits too.

Try these 312™ Shaping Slim Jeans from iconic jeans brand Levis, which both slim the tummy and contours curves at the same time. They feature an innovative tummy-slimming panel so they’re a great choice for an all-round sleek silhouette and will help you to feel more confident if you are conscious of your stomach. They also work to lift your bum and give the illusion of longer legs too.

They may be more expensive than some others pairs on the market, but Levis are an investment - designed to be worn and loved again and again.

These are available in waist sizes from 26 to 34 and leg length from 30 to 34.

Fat Face

Often seen as the most flattering style of denim, the bootcut style of jeans is also equally flattering on all body shapes.

Personal stylist Abbey Booth has explained why the cut works so well for everyone. She said: “the bootcut flare creates balance for top heavy body shapes such as strawberry and apple and also continues the curve for hourglass body shapes to maintain their beautiful proportions.”

Fellow personal stylist Lindsay Edwards agreed that bootcut jeans suit ladies of any shape who have curves because they ‘continue the flow of your curves’.

If you’re looking for a super comfortable and stylish pair of bootcut jeans look no further than the Brooke bootcut jeans from Fat Face. They’re made of beautiful supersoft stretch denim, and are mid-rise on the waist for a comfortable and flattering fit you’ll love.

They are available in sizes 6 to 24, and short, regular and long lengths, as well as three different shades of denim.


Wide legs jeans are best suited to ladies with for an inverted triangle or cornetto shape, according to celebrity stylist Natalie Robinson.

She said they ‘balance the upper and lower parts of the body, focussing all attention below the waist’.

Personal stylist Lindsay Edwards has said they must be worn with some caution though.

“To pull off their wide, oversized fit keep clothing on your top half neat to balance out your proportions and avoid a slobby appearance.”

Give the Adler wide leg jean from Jigsaw a go if wide leg jeans are best suited to you. Made from recycled, non-stretch and soft denim, these are a great choice for ladies who are also trying to shop more sustainably.

They are available in waist sizes 24 to 34 and also three different shades of denim.


Flared jeans are one for the bold due to their dramatic shape, and they’re best suited to ladies who are top heavy to draw the focus downwards.

Flared jeans are probably the style of jean with the most variety as they are available with anything from a subtle flare to a show-stopping huge flare, so how you wear these really does depend on how confident you feel and how daring you want to be.

Personal stylist Abbey Booth said: “Depending on the volume of the flare and how comfortable you are wearing this style again suits top heavy body shapes such as strawberry and apple as it creates volume on the bottom half to balance and create proportion.”

For a modest flare, try these high-rise dark wash flare jeans from Hollister. They have a flare that’s big enough to be noticed, but not to big it will overwhelm you, and as an added bonus they feature a nostalgic side split on the hem.

Available in various waist sizes and three lengths; short, regular and long. Check the Hollister website to check which size is best for you.


Low rise jeans, which sit on the hips, tend to work best for ladies who have a more petite frame as they ehance a petite waist, according to Award-winning clebrity stylist Natalie Robinson.

Personal stylist Abbey Booth agrees that if you are a short lady you should choose low rise jeans ‘or you will shorten your torso further’.

Try these ASOS DESIGN organic blend low rise straight leg jean with all over diamantes and ripped knee for a low rise jean with added glamour and edge.

They’re part of the ASOS responsible edit, which means they’ve been made with organic cotton, so they’re a great choice if you’re trying to make ethical and sustainable choices when you shop. They are available in waist sizes 24 to 36.

Marks and Spencer

Mid and high rise jeans sit at or just below the navel and will best suit body shapes with a natural waistline such as pear and hourglass body shapes.

Personal stylist Lindsay Edwards agrees and said: “Mid and high rise jeans tend to be a more flattering fit for women, they elongate the legs and hold in any lumps and bumps, giving more streamline appearance.”

Fellow personal stylist Abbey Booth said agreed that mid and high rise jeans will add length to the leg too, so they will be great for petites.

Try these Magic Shaping Embellished Straight Leg Jeans from Marks and Spencer. They promise to be both comfortable and flattering, and have a gap-proof waistband for a perfectly contoured fit.

Shaping darts will give you extra lift and hidden front pocket technology offers tummy-holding power. Embellishment around the front and back pockets gives a sparkling finish. They’re also made with organic cotton so they’re a sustainable option too.

They are available in sizes 6 to 24, with short, regular and long lengths.

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