Valentine’s flower delivery UK 2023: roses, Appleyard Lego, M&S - best February flowers for home delivery

A gorgeous bouquet, delivered to your beloved, is the ideal way to let them know how you feel this Valentine’s Day
Best February flowers for Valentine’s: roses, Lego, M&S Best February flowers for Valentine’s: roses, Lego, M&S
Best February flowers for Valentine’s: roses, Lego, M&S

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After a drab January, the smile elicited from receiving a beautiful bunch of stems for Valentine’s Day will be more welcome than ever.  

Is it worth buying flowers from a florist?

Before we look at the bouquets, a few words. Flowers, like so much else in life, require an outlay if you'd like them to be of decent quality. The below flowers are more pricey than supermarket or garage flowers – but those flowers are destined for the skip 12 hours after purchase. With a touch of care, the below selection will last at least 5 days – in some cases, two weeks.  

Which flowers are right for my partner?

While we can't tell you what your recipient's preferences will be, consider outside the standard, as this can be a delightful surprise.

Lilies, for example, will fill the house with a lovely scent, as do freesias and gardenias. Orchids have a sexiness to them, while tulips can be depended on to last well even if you don't look after them – perfect for lazier recipients.  

If you're looking to find an eye-catching bouquet without paying too much, wild flowers tend to be cheaper but look great.  

We recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment - fluctuating stock levels may lead to some bouquets featuring alternative flowers. A trust-worthy florist will ensure the bouquet is tastefully assembled, never the less. The below retailers are reliable. 

As with all of their gorgeous bouquets, the Fola, by trusted British brand Bloom and Wild, arrives in bud, but will burst into glorious bloom about 48 hours later.

With 23 stems including roses, delphiniums, lavender, carnations, ammi, limonium, pitto and chasmanthium grass, its bright and romantic but not cliched in colour.

Arriving in excellent condition, the flowers last for around 10 to 14 days. Delightful if you want to stay away from the more on-the-nose option of roses.

With designated day delivery and next-day delivery options.

This is a cheerful, beautiful, welcoming bouquet of mixed tulips.

Tulips make an excellent Valentine's choice, both for being unexpected, and also as heralding the coming spring – a very welcome thought.

Apocryphally, they're supposed to symbolise unconditional love, offering them added significance. More importantly, they just look spectacular.  

With next day delivery avaliable if you order before 9pm, although we’d advise getting your order in early for Valentine’s

Of course, we wouldn't want to encourage you to reinvent the wheel. No one is going be unimpressed taking delivery of 50 velvet red Furiosa roses. 

Appleyard's astonishing bouquet arrives in semi-bloom, meaning they're already charming, but given a few days, will bloom into something downright astonishing.  

Lasting for up to ten days, these are a high-impact option. 

Interflora, you may already know, is a thoroughly reliable option, operating as they do by contracting 1,200 artisan florists across the UK to fulfil their orders. This is terrific for ensuring freshness – you'll be receiving flowers from a florist in your postcode.  

The ‘Beautiful Brights Romantic Bouquet’ bouquet is a terrific, off-piste option, where an expertly collated selection of blooms are put together. Bright, bold, and ideal for anything who doesn't want the ordinary. 

Sent in bud for maximum longevity, this lush selection of red tulips and two-tone freesias, with a remarkable, eye-catchingNaomi Rose as the centrepiece, has a hint of the wild about it. It will explode into life a few days after arriving – at which point, they're a riot of colour. 

Bunches offer terrific customer service, and free, designated day delivery. 

 A sweet, soft collection of roses, hypericum, irises, and lisanthus’, Marks and Spencer flowers are the exception to the rule about supermarket roses: these last for at least a week, looking amazing. 

This is because the roses arrive in bud, so the flowers emerge to full bloom a few days after arrival - our favourite way of receiving flowers, as they get more lovely as time progress. 

M&S offers free nominated or next day delivery, making them a safe Valentine’s choice. 

In a none-more-romantic Valentine’s palate of red, pink, and white, Moonpig’s The Young Love roses are sweetly traditional.

A surprisingly bountiful bunch, for the cost, Moonpig’s roses will last for between 5 to 7 days.

Perhaps most in their favour is that you have until 7pm Saturday February 13 to order for Valentine’s Day - making Moonpig the go-to for the absent minded. 

The Flynn – also from Bloom and Wild – makes quite the statement, a hand-tied symphony of colours, ideal if you truly want to blow your other half away. With 63 hand-picked, unique stems, including roses, sweet williams, kangaroo paws, hypericum, carnations, chrysanthemums,bupleurum, ruscus and eucalyptus. As you’d expect, it smells delectable.

It’s breath-taking, the kind of grand gesture a romantic hero in a rom-com delivers to his paramour to declare his affection.

It's not a letterbox option – though that is arguably no bad thing, as it has spectacular impact when the bouquet arrives. Lasting comfortably for 10 days.

With designated day delivery and next-day delivery options.

Aw, this is cute.

Maybe you’re buying for a beloved child (8+), or you have a partner who’d appreciate a bouquet a little out of the ordinary. The 120 piece Lego roses set is not too challenging but very sweet.

If you want to make up the roses for your beloved, be advised there’s an entire bouquet collection available from Lego - so you could really push the boat out and make an entire Lego arrangement.

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