Best double beds UK 2022: wooden, metal, white and ottoman bed frames fit for your home

From traditional frames to modern options with savvy storage solutions, there’s a bed frame here to suit any style of home

Best double beds UK 2022Best double beds UK 2022
Best double beds UK 2022

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Finding a beds-2022-uk-single-double-corner-3542696">bed frame to suit your tastes (and household décor) can be a tricky business.

You have to balance the factors of your own personal taste, what functionality you require from the bed (storage underneath? Slats? A headboard?) and, of course, budget.

We’re here to help you reconcile those concerns - and find a bed frame that you think is great.

What types of bed frames are available?

A traditional bed frame has a slatted base, four legs, an attached matching headboard, with space underneath for storage.

This type of frame is still widely available, having stood the test of time - it’s both practical and versatile, well suited to many house styles.

These days, there are also plenty of modern options available with built-in storage, as people aim for a sleeker, more integrated look for their bedroom, keeping many of their belongings hidden from view. A basic storage bed will come with no headboard or legs. Looking for something more? Consider:

Ottoman or divan bed frame: what’s the difference?

A particularly popular form of storage bed is the ottoman bed, which comes with an attached matching headboard and provides full length storage concealed within the base itself.

There’s also the divan bed, which comes with two or four drawers  (typically) for the double bed size and offers plenty of hidden storage space.

While they don’t provide as much storage space as an ottoman bed frame, it’s a great choice for people who may have trouble lifting an entire bed base, simply because opening a drawer is much easier than lifting a bed base which can be heavy, especially with a mattress and all your bedding on top of it.

Divan bed frames can come with attached headboards, but they are often sold separately.

This does allow you to choose a headboard which matches your style, and if you want to switch up the décor of your home over time, it’s simply a matter of switching out the headboard.

What is the best type of bed frame for me?

The answer to this question is  subjective, and depends on the space you have available, your own taste, and your circumstances.

A traditional bed frame may be best for now, for example, if you have plenty of other storage space available to you - particularly if you know you may move in the near future, as these types of frames are easier to dismantle and transport.

It may also be the best choice for you if you prefer a simple and conventional look, as traditional frames are often made from strong materials such as wood and metal.

On the other hand, an ottoman or divan bed is perfect if you are always in need of extra space to store your personal belongings or if you want a more opulent look, as these are often crafted from soft fabrics like velvet.

Below are some of our top picks for double bed frames, available to buy online now.

What else do I need for the perfect bed?

Once you have chosen your perfect bed frame, you next need to find the best mattress.

It’s a flooded market, so we’ve put together a handy guide to the best boxed mattresses so you can pick the one that suits you.

Then, all you need is some comfortable bedding. Take a look at our round-up of the top bed sheets and the best mattress toppers for supreme comfort.

Dimensions: Small Double W 135cm x D 202cm x H 94cm and Double W 149cm x D 202cm x H 94cm

Materials: Pine

A simple, but lovely bed, this solid pine bed frame from Dunelm offers great value for money - a cheap option with a timeless, sturdy design.

With a classic slatted headboard and high footboard, it looks elegant, while the slatted base allows air to circulate around the mattress - brilliant for ensuring it stays fresh for as long as possible.

Assembly is straight-forward - it takes about two hours for a single person to put together, but that timing could be halved if you have a helper.

Available in double and small double.

Dimensions: H107cm x W145cm x D200cm

Weight: 23.8kg

Material: Powder coated metal tubing

If you’re looking to add a hint of modern elegance to your bedroom, this metal frame is a sterling choice. With clean-cut lines and rounded edges, it looks fresh and unobtrusive.

It’s an absolute doss to put together - an hour’s work - and the neutral colour scheme means it will work in with the colour schemes in most bedrooms.

Best of all, that teency price tag doesn’t come at the cost of quality - this feels impressively sturdy when put together. Perfect if you’ve a teenager’s bedroom you’re looking to zhush up.

Key specs: Size: 235 x 158 x 203 cm (also available in small double)

Storage: loads!

Customisable: no

Assembly required: no.

After a touch of Regency-era glamour in the bedroom, perhaps for a Bridgerton vibe (and all that entails?). Look no further.

In gorgeous steel silver crushed velvet, this ottoman bed will not only look suitably louche in your room but also provide some much needed storage without cluttering things up.

The ottoman can be added to either the left or right side, meaning that you can adapt this bed to suit the bedroom too, and the side opening makes it easy to access.

There’s a high headboard and footboard too, which both feature a beautiful deep buttoned scroll - it’s a bed that looks considerably more expensive than it is.

Another solid pine option, this time in bright, breezy white, we love this frame for its homey, welcoming vibe.

With 16 wooden slats, it’s super comfy - we’re big fans of slats as they help evenly distribute weight on the bed, working in tandem with a decent mattress to offer you a good basis of support.

Back issues? A slat bed would be our choice - and this is a prime entry into the genre.

You can choose from either two or four drawers under, too - ideal for a spot of extra storage to hide away bed sheets (or whatever flotsam and jetsam you have in your room).

We’ve always had a thing for chevron designs - they’re 1950s cool, and yet equally at home in a modern household.

This bedframe stands out for the gorgeous chevron headboard - pulling off the neat trick of being something of a style statement without pulling unnecessary focus in the bedroom.

Word of warning though - the grey of the headboard is a touch darker than the picture.

You’ll need to put this frame together at home, but it’s not complicated - it will take two people less than an hour.

Underbed clearance of 17cm offers a reasonable amount of space if you require it.

Ideal for a spare bedroom.

In a proper “we’re living in the future” moment, you now no longer have to make the choice between a bed frame and an inbuilt media centre - this baby offers both. Time to live like a media mogul.

Okay, so you have to provide your own television, but this really rather handsome  bedframe can store a flatscreen TV (up to 42”) at the foot of the bed. Operated by a remote control, a flick of the button and your telly rises, for an ideal duvet day - then disappears again when you want to kip

The frame itself comes with a large storage compartment underneath - ideal for bits and bobs - while the upholstery is fully customisable, meaning you can tailor the look of this frame to your tastes.

We love the tall buttoned headboard - it’s classic and understated, and leaves no indication your bed has a ritzy televisual secret within.

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