Easiest Halloween costume ideas: LED and purge masks, along with other scary, simple to make options

The easiest Halloween outfits for 2021The easiest Halloween outfits for 2021
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Halloween is a fantastic time of year when we can all escape reality, dress up and scare ourselves silly

Finding the right Halloween costume can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many of us simply don’t have the time or the funds to find and buy an elaborate costume - especially not when we tend to change our costumes year on year, and when we’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

An easy - and cost effective - solution is to buy a mask. That way, you can wear any clothes you wish, thereby cutting down on the money spent, and you can be ready in an instant and don’t have to worry about spending hours getting yourself in to character.

That also makes a mask a perfect Halloween accessory to have to hand so you’re always ready to get spooky, should any last minute plans arise.

Below are our pick of the ten best Halloween accessories out there for an instant transformation, including purge masks and witches hats.

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We’ve also done a round-up of the best children’s Halloween costumes too so the little ones don’t miss out on the seasonal fun.


Stand out from the crowd with minimal effort using this freaky LED mask.

Coloured half in blue and half in pink, the creepy stitched eye and mouth design is sure to give people the fright of their life.

You only need to wear a hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up, coupled with a basic T-Shirt and pair of jeans, and people will be left wondering who is behind the mask.

The mask is plastic and includes an elastic band that can be fixed to your head so you can be sure of a secure fitting. One size fits all.

The LED mask also has openings in the eye and nose areas so you can see and breathe clearly while wearing it.


A great 2 in 1 Halloween item.

This hanging lighted glowing witch hat with belt can not only be used for wearing, but also as a garden decorations for October 31.

Simply pair with your favourite black dress or top and pair of jeans for an instant witch costume.


Maleficent is one of the most infamous - and possibly misunderstood - villains in the Disney universe.

You can easily transform yourself in to her with this striking headpiece.

Simply pair with your best black dress - ideally one with a collar if possible - and tell people you’re the evil fairy after she’s lost her wings.

It is made from natural latex, which makes it more durable and lightweight too so you don’t have to worry about it getting too heavy on your head.


The scream might be a classic Halloween costume, but it’s a classic for a reason - because it works so well year after year.

This is an officially licensed product which has the shroud attached to the rubber mask so you have everything you need in one product.

Wear alongside any other black clothing you have and your costume will be complete in minutes.

This mask has a strap as well as the hood to hold it firmly in place.


Transform yourself in to the skeleton we all love to hate who stole Christmas, Jack Skellington, with this mask.

You may or may not have Jack’s classic pinstripe suit to compliment this mask, but not to worry if you don’t - Jack is such an iconic character that everyone will instantly know you are dressed as.

You’ll still look very much like Tim Burton’s creepy creation from The Nightmare Before Christmas, even if wear any other black outfit you have (which could be a suit if you’re feeling fancy)


Staying with The Nightmare of Christmas theme, fans of the 1993 film will recognise Lock as the frontrunner of Oogie Boogie’s trick-or-treaters.

If you are dressed in this devilish mask you’ll look like you’ve stepped straight out of Tim Burton’s vision. Just snap this mask on and you’ll be on your way to Halloween Town.

Pair with any red T-shirt and a pair of jeans (red is optional there!) to finish the look.

Even if you don’t know Lock from the film, this would still make a very effective and scary mask choice.


If you buy yourself this werewolf mask, you transformation in to one of the most terrifying animals will be as easy as pulling on a hood.

This elaborate mask has got the teeth, the nose, the ears, and of course the shaggy grey fur. It’s everything a budding werewolf might need.

The best thing about this costume idea, of course, if that you can wear any outfit you wish with it because nobody has ever questioned what clothes a werewolf would wear.


This mask is perfect for ladies who want to get in to the spirit of Halloween by dressing up, but don’t want to look too terrifying.

It manages to provide skeleton chic with the added gemstones and pretty flowers.

Wear alongside any brightly coloured outfit for a look that would be, admittedly, more stylish than terrifying.


Take the fear factor up a notch with this terrifying LED rabbit mask.

This glowing mask is sure to make you stand out immediately no matter where you are.

Simply clip the power pack to your pocket, turn the scary Halloween mask on, and you are ready to go.

The mask is also equally frightful when turned off as it features a bloodied mouth, sharp pointy teeth and green eyes.

Pair with whatever outfit you think an evil bunny would be most likely to wear, but don’t worry too much as the mask does all the talking.


This purge mask comes with a set of glowing gloves, so it’s even easier to conceal your identity and give someone a real fright.

This scary Halloween mask is constructed with 3 lighting settings; steady on, slow flash, and fast flash, and you can choose any mode you like for the ultimate creepy effect.

It has been crafted with the eye holes, a mouth hole, room for nose and also padded with some soft foam on the forehead, which all helps you keep comfortable while wearing.

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