Sky Stream: what is new Sky TV service, what does it cost, how does it work, will puck link up with Sky Glass?

Sky has entered in the crowded streaming market with a platform you can access simply by using a plug - so what’s involved?

<p>Sky stream: what is the new streaming service?</p>

Sky stream: what is the new streaming service?

Sky has announced the launch of a new streaming service, Sky Stream. While the streaming market in the UK is fairly crowded- Paramount+ launched in June, and Disney + hit the market in 2020, with a storming rise in popularity, there are some particular selling points for the Sky service that make it worth a look.

Sky Stream will be avaliable for purchase in the UK from October 18, at which point it’s customers will be able to stream all the Sky channels without using their television or a dish. Rather than having a special installtion or a Sky Glass interface, you can channel all of their programmes and films over Wi-Fi - just plug the device into your TV and it’s set.

So, what shows are avaliable on Sky Stream? What does it cost? Here’s what you need to know.

What are Sky Stream’s unique features? Why is it worth getting?

Sky are trumpeting how easy it will be to access their shows via Stream, as it’s a simple plug-in. But there are other features as well.

Sky Stream will include voice remotre contral, a standard HD interface (Ultra HD is avaliable as well), and it is high dynamic range compatible, too.

It will feature a restart feature, allowing you to restart a show even when it is showing live. You can make playlists from apps, chanels, on-demand and live, and it curate a library for your favourite TV shows.

How does Sky Stream work?

It’s as simple as plugging Sky Stream into a power socket, then into your TV’s HDMI output. Connect to the internet, and it is set up. Provided you have an internet speed of 10Mbps or more

What does Sky Stream cost - and how do I buy it?

There are two plans for Sky Stream, and they’ve put it at an attractive price point. You can sign up for a 31-day rolling plan (no contract - cancel anytime) for £29 a month. Alternatively, an 18-month contract will allow you to access Sky Stream for £26 a month. Both will also allow you access to Netflix Basic and Sky Ultimate TV.

As a point of comparison - Sky Glass TV currently costs £37 a month across a 48 term, which provides access to all of the Sky shows and a 43” TV. You can purchase Sky Glass TV here.

In terms of add-ons, you will also get access to BT Sport, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and UHD & Dolby Atmos. For £12 extra, you can get access to an extension will allow a further five devices in your household to use Sky Stream.

Is Sky Stream the same as Sky Stream Puck?

Sky puck is what users currently use to gain access to streaming via Sky Glass. Initially, Sky Stream Puck was intended to be called Sky Stream Puck - it has a similar plug-in but doesn’t require the Sky Glass TV. However, on launch, Sky decided to refer to the plug-in simply as ‘Sky Stream’.

So if you have Sky Glass, you don’t need Sky Stream - you have it already. But if you want Sky services without the Glass TV, Sky Stream’s plug-in provides that option

When can I buy Sky Stream and where?

It’s avaliable to sign-up for on October 18 via Purchase online for next-day delivery.

What are the set-up fees?

There is a £39.95 set-up free for Sky Streaming, which is reduced to £20 for the 18-month contract version.

What shows are available?

From Sky’s most popular shows - House of the Dragon, Succession, the Sopranos, to Netflix (Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Squid Games, and many films) as well as all the shows on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, YouTube, Discovery+, Peacock, and Fiit.

That’s 120 channels worth of entertainment for £29 a month, which is impressive value for money - Sky Stream may be set to be one of the most popular streaming channels in the UK.