The best wine subscription boxes UK 2021

Whether you’re happier drinking at home than the pub these days, or if you’re simply keen to build up a home collection – wine clubs and wine subscription boxes have a lot to offer.

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The best wine subscription boxes 2021The best wine subscription boxes 2021
The best wine subscription boxes 2021

As well as the obvious convenience of having wine delivered to your door – and saving time spent researching wine when you could simply be enjoying it – there’s the added benefit of trying new and interesting varieties with ease.

To help you choose the right wine subscription or club for you, we’ve covered 9 of the best available in the UK. Many of these thoughtful selections are curated around a theme, such as sustainable wines, or a particular region.

While others allow you full control over which wines go into the boxes, or offer money-back guarantees for any bottles you don’t like. Whichever you choose – each one offers something unique.

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Price: £65 per box

Contains: 12 bottles

The big difference setting Laithwaite’s Wine Club apart from other wine subscriptions is that you’re in control when it comes to choosing what you get.

You can specify your tastes beforehand so your boxes are tailored to you – then have a sneak peek before delivery, and swap out any you don’t want to receive.

Boxes of 12 wines come quarterly, and they’re filled with a selection of 800 of the best wines, whittled down from 40,000 by Laithwaite’s expert tasters, which live up to the wine merchant’s top reputation.

And if you don’t like your wines, you get your money back.

Price: £26.99 per box

Contains: Six 100ml wines

We love the interactive element of The Online Wine Tasting Club’s Discover Series. You’ll get six 100ml taster measures of wine sent through your letterbox every month, in small boxed pouches.

Video tasting sessions are held live online (or you can catch up with the recording at a time that’s more convenient for you).

And tastings are planned around a theme: previous regions have included Southern Italy, Portugal, New Zealand and ‘England vs the world’.

Price: £50 per box

Contains: Three bottles

The wines for Decent Drop’s subscription boxes are chosen by the no-wine-waffle sommelier That Wine Fella, also known as Ian Howard, who aims to make wine more accessible to everyone.

And the Supreme Subscription box is reserved for his absolute favourite award-winning wines.

This one includes three bottles – with cheese and dinner pairing suggestions and nicely branded, well written tasting notes.

Price: £107.88 per box, plus delivery

Contains: 12 bottles

This quarterly box of 12 wines gives you an average of one bottle per week – with a booklet of tasting notes, plus access to online videos and info on all the wines in your latest delivery.

We like how fuss-free this subscription is: if you don’t like any of your wines, you’ll get a refund; there’s no contract or minimum number of boxes; and you can push back the delivery date or skip a box if you like too.

If you like to always have a well-stocked wine rack, and want to learn more about what you’re getting without too much hassle, this one’s for you.

Price: £120 per box

Contains: Six bottles

Humble Grape’s wine bars all have a sustainable ethos – and the Wine Club boxes are no different.

Selected from Humble Grape’s network of independent, family-run, sustainable vineyards around the world, the wines are also tailored to your tastes. (You can choose white or red or even be more specific with your preferences, if you love an oaky wine, for example.)

Boxes include tasting notes – plus film recommendations and music to drink your wine to.

And you can choose for them to arrive monthly, every other month, or quarterly – with monthly Wine Club pricing ranging from £40 (for a case of six every quarter) to £120 (for a case every month).

Plus, if you’re in the club, there’s the added perk of 10% off your bill when you visit their bars.

Price: From £48 per box

Contains: Four bottles

Wanderlust Wine is all about new wines from new regions. And the main joy with their wine boxes is receiving unique sustainable, biodynamic and organic wines that you probably haven’t tried before.

Boxes come in three different options: Silver Membership, which contains four bottles worth £12, Gold membership with eight bottles worth £14.50 and Platinum, with 10 bottles worth £20 each.

Perks include an online discount and free tickets for tastings in London, and each box contains detailed tasting notes, pairing suggestions and the story behind how each wine is made.

Price: From £48 per box

Contains: Three bottles

With more than 800 vineyards in England now, there’s a surprising number of different wines to fill these boxes celebrating homegrown grapes.

Choose from a rolling subscription of still, sparkling and mixed cases showcasing the best around, curated by Master of Wine and Canterbury Wine Festival founder Clive Barlow.

The information cards give plenty of detail on the background of the wines (great for if you want to impress with your local wine knowledge), plus tasting notes and pairing food suggestions.

Price: From £29.95 per box

Contains: Two bottles

Another top choice for new regions and grape varieties, with a focus on independent, biodynamic and organic producers who try to reduce their environmental impact. And the emphasis here is bypassing traditional supermarkets and high-street chains so the winemakers get a fair price.

You can choose to receive 2-12 bottles per month, and whether you get reds or whites, or both. And as well as tasting notes, this one comes with a monthly wine podcast too – which we think is a fun touch.

Price: prices vary, lighter wines up to £110 per box

Contains: 12 bottle

Choose from five different plans: worldwide classics, French classics, wine rack essentials, ‘discovery’ (for more interesting, unusual wines from around the world) or a handy lower-alcohol wines (up to 12.5% for whites and no higher than 13% for reds).

Each curated selection is updated every two months, and includes tasting notes and pairing suggestions. You can choose when you receive your box – from as frequent as monthly to yearly. And there’s a money-back guarantee for any you don’t like, too.