X-Box mini fridge: when is it out, how to order, and how much it costs

X-Box mini fridge: when is it out, how to order, and how much it costs

<p>It started as a joke: the X-Box Mini Fridge</p>

It started as a joke: the X-Box Mini Fridge

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Unfortunately, just like the Xbox series X on which it is based, the fridge is in high demand and is already sold out.

But, never fear, here’s all the information you need about it so you can be ready to order when it restocks.

The fridge has been made to look exactly like the sleek games console and features a shiny black exterior and the trademark bright green colour on the interior.

The idea for the fridge came about when images of the new Xbox X series were released and fans joked on social media that it looked like a mini fridge. It seems Microsoft listened and decided to create just that.

It holds up to 12 drinks cans and snack shelves on the inside the door - so there’s plenty of space to keep gamers refreshed while they play their favourite Xbox games.

There’s also a USB port on the front meaning users can charge their phone while they chill their drinks.

Similarly, it also comes with a DC power adapter so it can work in the car and can be used on the move.

We’ll up-date this page as we learn more about the stock available.

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The product is available to buy exclusively through Game.

It was first available to pre-order at 2pm on Tuesday, October 19 - but gamers were so keen to get their hands on it that it sold out within an hour.

Anyone who was lucky enough to get their hands on the gadget won’t get know when they will actually receive it as an official release date is yet to be announced, although Microsoft have assured buyers that it will be some time in December - so it will be delivered in time for Christmas.

The dimensions of the fridge are: Exterior: 18” x 9” x 9” (462mm x 232mm x 232mm) Interior: 13.2” x 6.8” x 6.8” (337mm x 174mm x 175mm)

The Xbox Series X, which the fridge is based upon, is also currently sold out, but it’s not the only brand new console available.

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