Avram Glazer: who is the Man Utd co-owner and what has he said about European Super League plot?

Manchester United co-owner Avram Glazer has been challenged by fans and media over the European Super League plans

Avram Glazer (L) and Joel Glazer, the Co-Chairmen of Manchester United.
Avram Glazer (L) and Joel Glazer, the Co-Chairmen of Manchester United.

Manchester United fans are continuing to campaign against the Glazer family, who own their club.

The Glazers were part of a disastrous attempt to form a breakaway European Super League which collapsed in the face of fierce fan protests.

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Fans are seen protesting against Manchester United's Glazer ownership outside the stadium prior to the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford.

United fans then protested at Old Trafford before the Premier League game against Liverpool, storming the ground and forcing the match to be postponed – the first time supporter action had resulted in a Premier League game not taking place.

Avram Glazer, a key executive at the club, has since refused to apologise for the European Super League fiasco and fan anger grows.

Who is Avram Glazer?

Avram Glazer, known as Avie, is an American businessman and executive co-chairman of Manchester United, who was born October 19, 1960. He a member of the Glazer family, born to Linda and Malcolm Glazer American businessman and billionaire. He is executive co-chairman of Manchester United.

Avram Glazer, owner of Manchester United, looks on as they attend a training session.

Glazer graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1982 with his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and graduated from the Washington College of Law at American University. He also studied at Peking University and Fudan University in Shanghai.

From 1995 until 2009 he was also the former chairman and chief executive officer of Zapata Corporation. He was also formerly chairman and chief executive officer of both Safety Components International and Omega Protein Corporation.

Who is Avram Glazer’s family?

Glazer’s father, Malcolm, was a billionaire businessman. After dropping out from college, he turned owning trailer parks into a global investment empire, with his holding company First Allied Corporation eventually acquiring lucrative stakes in dozens of companies.

'Love United Hate Glazer' and '50+1 Glazer Out' banners are seen on a tied onto railings outside Old Trafford prior to the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford, which was eventually postponed.

Avram Glazer has four brothers and a sister: Kevin E. Glazer; Bryan Glazer; Joel Glazer; Darcie S. Glazer Kassewitz; and Edward S. Glazer.

He grew up in Rochester, New York and attended Pittsford Mendon High School.

What is Avram Glazer’s net worth?

Avram Glazer is worth an estimated $1 billion, according to most recent reports.

When his father Malcolm died in 2014, he was worth $4.6 billion. Control of his business went to his children.

Where does Avram Glazer live? Where is his house?

Avram Glazer appears to lead a rather private and reclusive lifestyle.

He lives in a six-bedroom mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, where Donald Trump and the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein have neighbouring property.

Avram Glazer is a member of the former President’s Mar-A-Lago country club.

What other clubs do the Glazers own?

The Glazer family has owned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 1995, when Malcolm Glazer paid a then-record $192million for the franchise.

Glazer acquired ownership of Man United in a £790m takeover by gradually buying out shareholders between 2003 and 2005.

Avram is co-owner of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers with his siblings but is not listed as a chairman. His brothers Joel and Bryan look after the running of the Buccaneers.

What did Avram Glazer say about the European Super League?

Grant was approached by journalists in Florida and offered the chance to address supporters' concerns. He was asked: "This an opportunity for you – an apology perhaps?"

Mr Glazer was then asked if it was time for his family to sell the club, and if United fans were "just customers."

However, after buying some groceries, Glazer – sporting a ponytail – drove away and refused to comment.

Joel Glazer, his brother and fellow co-chairman, offered a statement when the ESL collapsed.

Writing an open letter to fans on United’s website, he said: "You made very clear your opposition to the European Super League, and we have listened. We got it wrong, and we want to show that we can put things right.

"We also realise that we need to better communicate with you, our fans, because you will always be at the heart of the club.”