Can Chelsea sell tickets? Chelsea v Real Madrid tickets explained amid licence change and Abramovich sanctions

Chelsea were put under a ‘special licence’ following the sanctions placed on owner Roman Abramovich after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The UK Government has revised the ‘special licence’ that Chelsea Football Club are operating under following the sanctions placed on Roman Abramovich.

The terms placed on the club included being unable to sell any tickets or merchandise, meaning the club shop was forced to close on the day the news was announced.

Abramovich has been eagerly looking to sell the Premier League side so they can run as normal and it was reported this week that there is hope that a sale can be completed by the end of the month.

However, things have been made a little easier now that some of the terms of the licence have been adjusted in Chelsea’s favour.

What has changed for Chelsea?

Chelsea are now able to sell some tickets, including Champions League tickets for their first leg of the quarter-final against Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge next month.

However, the Blues won’t be able to receive any proceeds from tickets sold, with UEFA set to collect the clash.

The Government’s updated licence states that they must transfer proceeds from ticket sales ‘to a permitted third party’.

A statement by the Premier League read: “Chelsea FC have requested and the Premier League agreed that this revenue will be donated to charity to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine. The beneficiary charities will be announced in due course after consultation with the club.”

Can tickets be sold for Premier League matches?

For now, Chelsea still can’t sell any new tickets for home Premier League games.

However, fans are able to access tickets for away matches and can attend the upcoming FA Cup semi-final clash with Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium.