Does Wembley have a roof? Has England's home stadium got a retractable roof - and can it close when it rains

Italy and Spain will meet in the semi final of Euro 2020 - but what does the weather have in store?

Since it was reopened in 2007, the new Wembley Stadium has seen some of football's biggest names grace its hallowed turf.

England stars past and present have pulled on the Three Lions jersey to represent their country against the world's elite internationals.

And while the nation waits for England vs Denmark the first semi final of Euro 2020 will see Italy play Spain at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley has a partially retractable roof that can be used to allow more sunlight onto the playing surface to help preserve and maintain the condition of the pitch. (Pic: Getty)

Light showers through the day have led some to wonder if Wembley will follow Wimbledon 2021’s style by closing the stadium roof.

Let’s find out.

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Does Wembley have a roof?

England vs Scotland moments. (Graphic: Mark Hall / JPIMedia)

The new Wembley Stadium cost in the region of £800 million to construct after the old ground was completely demolished in 2002, including the iconic 'Twin Towers'.

The remodelled stadium has a new landmark - a 134-metre high arch - which supports more than 75% of the entire roof and has become synonymous with the London skyline.

Wembley has a partially retractable roof that can be used to allow more sunlight onto the playing surface to help preserve and maintain the condition of the pitch.

Yet the roof does not fully close.

When does the roof close?

The roof behind each goal can be moved backwards and forwards to allow as much sunlight into the stadium, or protect those seated from the elements.

But the Wembley Stadium roof doesn't cover the pitch.

It means that the players will be open to the English elements come rain or shine, as will some of the spectators closest to the pitch if the rain comes down at an angle.

It was initially hoped that the roof would take 15 minutes to open or close so it could adapt quickly to changing weather conditions but this was scrapped during construction.

The roof can't be moved when spectators are in the ground and can take up to an hour to fully move in either direction.

Why doesn't Wembley have a fully retractable roof?

As Wembley was being rebuilt, a lot of the domestic cup finals were switched to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, which does have a fully retractable roof.

The Welsh venue's roof can be moved to cover the whole pitch to create an indoor arena if the weather gets too bad, and can remain open in glorious sunshine.

Designers say the new Wembley allows for the playing surface to receive maximum sunlight while offering those seated protection from the elements when required.

Yet during the stadium's opening fixture of Euro 2020, which saw England beat Croatia 1-0, a shadow was prominent on one side of the pitch during a 2pm kick off.

What's the weather forecast for Italy vs Spain?

The weather forecast looks very different to the Croatia game, which saw both sets of players compete in sweltering temperatures, with a good chance of rain.

According to the BBC, there will be light cloud, sunny intervals and a moderate breeze after some showers earlier in the day. There is a 47% chance of rain in London while the temperature will feel like 17C on the pitch.