England vs Scotland result: Rivals draws as no goals are scored, keeping Scotland in the Euros 2020

More than 20,000 Scotland fans have travelled to London for the game

It was not the result that either side wanted, but a score Scotland will happily accept.

The highly anticipated Scotland vs England game at Wembley is over, with no goals scored.

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Gareth Southgate and Steve Clarke embraced following the game (Picture: Getty images)
Gareth Southgate and Steve Clarke embraced following the game (Picture: Getty images)

Scotland did well to deflect the ball away from David Marshall’s net, with England failing to get the confident win their fans demanded.

As the game began, Robertson led visiting Scotland onto the pitch as the Tartan Army belted out ‘Flower of Scotland’, England fans gave as good as they got and the atmosphere in the stadium was well worth the wait.

England could have startled Scotland when John Stones hit the bar with a header, but McGinn made sure they felt his presence.

In the first half, a damp England missed several chances - Mason Mount clumsily failed to turn Raheem Sterling's cross into a goal, Foden and Kane weren’t up to much as they found themselves offside or unable to get a worthwhile touch of the ball.

Scots' Billy Gilmour looked pleased with the end result, Scotland remain in the competition (Picture: Getty Images)

If anything, by half time it looked like it was Scotland’s game to win.

In the second half, England manager Southgate saw the sense and sent Grealish on - but it made no difference to the score.

The Aston Villa captain played a good game, but as did his Villa teammate McGinn, who bounced off the energy from Tierney’s return.

In a final bid to drag England into top position of their group, Southgate took his captain, Kane, off to be replaced by Marcus Rashord.

Scot's midfielder McGinn kept England on their toes, as Luke Shaw struggled to control him (Picture: Getty Images)

Kane was described as “sluggish” and “lethargic”, not the words a captain wants to be defined by.

By the end of the 90 minutes, the fans remained in good spirits but the players looked out of puff - Scotland exhausted from keeping themselves in the competition, England from trying desperately to get the ball in the back of the net.

After an agonising two minutes of injury time, Scotland celebrated a draw as if they’d won the tournament. England seemed only glad their poor performance did not cost them to lose a game on home ground.

While England dominated with 60 percent possession, Scotland led on opportunities to score, 11 to 9.

Scotland can now go into their final game, on Tuesday 22 June, against Croatia with renewed confidence and still in with the chance of placing in the final 16.

England, second in their group with a game in hand, will need to beat the Czech Republic to place top of Group D. They also kick-off at 8pm on June 22.