Premier League managers' drinks of choice as pubs re-openPremier League managers' drinks of choice as pubs re-open
Premier League managers' drinks of choice as pubs re-open

Every Premier League manager's drink of choice as pubs re-open

The casks are primed, the ice are machines are fully loaded, as the day we've all been waiting for is finally here: the pubs are back.

Today, the pubs finally reopen, allowing customers to once again enjoy the glorious past time of whiling away the hours reclining in a beer garden. Sure, it's probably going to snow - but that's what jackets are for, so stop your shivering and enjoy that over-priced trendy cocktail!

Most football fans would like nothing more than to have a pint with their club's manager - letting them know exactly what they've got wrong, and how, with years of experience playing Football Manager, their insight could be of real use to the club's ongoing development.

While that's probably not going to happen any time soon, the question still remains: what would every Premier League manager choose as their first drink once the pubs re-open?

And so, we throw open the doors of the NationalWorld Arms, and merrily welcome in all twenty Premier League managers to responsibly enjoy a tipple or two in a socially distanced environment. Join us, as a fly on the wall, as we find out what drinks they order, and how the invitation-only evening will unfold...

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