Here’s how Chelsea could sign Saul Niguez after the transfer window closes

Chelsea are chasing a deal for Atletico Madrid’s Saul Niguez - but they have some extra time in which to seal the deal.

Chelsea's pursuit of Saul Niguez is the biggest ongoing story in the final hours of the transfer window (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

While the transfer window is set to close at 11pm, Thomas Tuchel’s side could have an extra two hours in which to finalise the details of the midfielder’s transfer.

The Blues have been linked with a late move for [player] but, with the clock ticking and plenty of paperwork still to be completed, fans may be worrying that a deal looks unlikely.

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But, as per EFL and Premier League rules, Chelsea can be given until 1am to complete the deal - providing that the club have submitted a 'Deal Sheet'.

These sheets provide details of the impending transfer and confirm that an agreement has been reached, before providing clubs with extra time in which to submit all the required documentation.

The details required on this sheet are fairly basic and amount to the clubs and player involved and the fee being paid, if there is one.

Deal sheets cannot be requested until 9pm on transfer deadline day and then must be submitted, fully completed, by 11pm.

Once received and approved by the Premier League or EFL, clubs can then be granted permission to submit all the required transfer paperwork by a 1am deadline.

It is likely that, with time running out in the window, Chelsea will have to submit such a sheet to finalise the addition of Niguez.

Clubs will also be able to sign free agents after today’s window closes.