Are the Glazers selling Man Utd? Will Manchester United owners sell, how much to buy, is Elon Musk interested

Elon Musk and Michael Knighton make noise around buying Manchester United

The Glazers’ ownership of Manchester United has come under increasing levels of fire due to the decreasing form the Red Devils have been experiencing in recent.

The Glazer family have owned the club since 2003 with fans becoming more and more disgruntled with their ownership as the years have progressed, and while the family have been staunch in their hope of keeping hold of the club, reports have emerged to detail that they will “change positions” regarding their ownership.

Fans protested the club’s ownership before the opening game of the Red Devil’s opening Premier League fixture against Brighton, and are likely to do so when they take on Liverpool next Monday 22 August 2022.

Reports have suggested that a trio of consortia are circling the club hoping to submit a formal bid.

How much are the Glazers asking for?

The Glazers have reportedly asked for around £5 billion from any interested parties. They first bought the club for around £800m nearly 20 years ago.


Since the reports broke of the Glazers being interested in selling, the share price has risen sharply. The shares closed at £11.36, up 7.1% which has given the club a stock market value of £1.88 billion.

Malcolm Glazer first bought out the remaining other parties who owned shares in United between 2003 and 2005 to gain superior control of the club.

When he died in 2006, his 90% stake was then split equally between his six children.

Joel Glazer in 2005

Fans have strongly taken issue with their ownership after the club, and some argued the Glazers were using it as leverage against significant debt. Supporters have been against a lot of the decision-making the owners have taken, as well as a lack of personal investment since they took over.

The situation was then made worse when the Glazers showed interest in the controversial European Super League.


In the most recent turn, an army of supporters supposedly had issue with the lack of support Erik ten Hag was given during the summer transfer window.

Is Sir Jim Ratcliffe interested?

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is high on the list of potential buyers. Ratcliffe is Britain’s richest man and owner of INEOS who partner Mercedes F1 and own a Tour de France cycling team. He is also a long-time Man Utd fan.

A spokesman for Britain’s wealthiest man confirmed that Ratcliffe would certianly welcome the chance to discuss the option with the club’s current American owners, reported The Times.

“If the club is for sale, Jim is definitely a potential buyer” the spokesman said.


The INEOS owner tends to hope for full control of businesses he buys and would have the means to do so, thus would be more likely to discuss the minority holding with the Glazers if it was part of a larger plan to take control later on.

Ratcliffe launched a last minute bid to buy Chelsea when it became available recently, but lost out to eventual buyer Todd Boehly and his consortium.

Who are the other interested parties?

Michael Knighton was one of the first to express recent interest in buying Manchester United. Knighton has spent several years on the board at Old Trafford and said it was time to end the reign of the “inept” Glazers.

Speaking to Man Utd the Religion, Knighton said: “We are a club in crisis and we all know the reason why. We have an inept and frankly useless ownership who know little about this game of football. Everyone knows that we need new ownership of this football club and that is my aim and those are my objectives.”

Reports from the Express suggest that meetings between the world’s wealthy have been taking place since May but as yet not confirmations have been made public.


The other third, and most unlikely buyer of the club, is Elon Musk. The tech tycoon sparked a brief frenzy on Tuesday 16 August 2022 following but quickly retracted his comments saying it was a joke.

What is the Glazer’s net worth?

Before his death in 2006, Malcolm Glazer’s net worth was around $4billion according to Forbes. His son, Joel, who is most involved with United at present is reportedly worth around $1b.

In 2019, BusinessInsider wrote that the Glazer family as a whole had a net worth of $4.7b.