Pubs permitted to extend opening hours on Sunday for Euros 2020 final

England will be playing in the final if they beat Denmark in the semi-finals.

Pubs in England will be allowed to stay open for an extra 15 minutes on Sunday, (July 11) in case the Euro 2020 final goes to extra time or penalties.

The government has said pubs will be allowed to remain open until 11:15pm for the final, which could see England playing if the team wins its semi-final match against Denmark.

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The match is expected to end at 10pm - but could run into extra time.

At a glance: five key points

- Boris Johnson has granted special permission for pubs to remain open for 15 minutes longer than usual - until 11:15pm - for the final.

-The game starts at 8pm and is likely to finish at 10pm.

- The extra time has been granted in case the game runs over time due to extra time or penalties.

- England will be playing the final if they beat Denmark in the semi-finals on Wednesday, July 7.

- Around 60,000 supporters are expected to attend the event in person.

What’s been said

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “We are taking forward plans to allow pubs to open until 11.15pm on Sunday.

“The entire nation has been gripped by the Euros and this will ensure people can come together to enjoy the final in pubs, should they wish to do so.”


England have delighted football fans up and down the country with their progress in the Euro 2020 tournament, most recently beating Ukraine 4-0 in a match on Saturday, July 3.

Their next match will see the team go head-to-head with Denmark in the semi-finals on Wednesday, July 7.

If England win, they’ll be heading to the final on Sunday.