Who will buy Chelsea? Mohammed El Khereiji net worth and Saudi Media Group net worth as March sale tipped

Chelsea are said to be the subject of a mouth-watering bid from Saudi Media Group, but who is the man behind the bid, Mohammed El Khereiji?

Chelsea are the subject of a purchase offer amid uncertainty over their future.

The Blues have been rocked over the last week or so, with owner Roman Abramovich seeing his assets frozen by the UK Government.

Chelsea are, of course, one of those assets and became subject to sanctions over how the club operated in a bid, from the government, to limit any further profit-making from Abramovich.

The decision was taken due to the government’s belief that Abramovich is a close ally of Russia president Vladimir Putin, who is leading an invasion attempt on Ukraine.

As a result of the sanctions, Abramovich said he would sell the club, only for the government to block the sale process.

However, there now seems to be an opportunity for the club to be sold to secure its future, based on the condition that the government oversees the sale process and that Abramovich doesn’t receive a penny.

Who will buy Chelsea?

In the wake of that, CBS Sports are reporting that Saudi Media Group have submitted an offer of £2.7bn to buy the club.

The consortium is led by Mohammed El Khereiji, who is said to be a Chelsea fan, and the ‘private consortium’ is said to have no direct links to the Saudi government.

Meanwhile, the BBC are reporting that the ‘American investment firm tasked with selling Chelsea expects a sale could happen by the end of the month’. Who buys Chelsea, though, still remains to be seen.

Mohammed El Khereiji net worth

By the latest estimates, El Khereiji is said to be worth around $2.7billion, which is just North of £2billion. El Khereiji operates Saudi Media Group, and he is also the CEO of the parent company, Engineer Holdings Group.

By contract, prior to asset seizures, Abramovich was estimated to be worth $12.billion, which is £9.4billion.

Who is Mohammed El Khereiji?

Alkhereiji is 50 years old and he is a Saudi Arabian national.

He runs Saudi Media Group, which is made up of a number of investors, and he is the CEO of the parent company Engineer Holdings Group.

He is known to be a Chelsea fan.

His career so far

Alkhereiji is said to be one of the richest people from the region, and he started his career at Deutsche Bank.

He then worked with Abdulelah Alkhereiji Group and MBC Media Solutions before becoming chairman of Saudi Media Group, the consortium behind the latest Chelsea bid.

Saudi Media Group net worth

The worth of Saudi Media Group as a whole is not clear, but there are a number of investors involved in this bid, and so the total value is likely to be significantly more than Alkhereiji’s personal wealth.

Unlike with Newcastle United, there are no direct government links between Saudi Media Group and Saudi Arabia’s governance, according to CBS Sport.

It has also been reported that Saudi billionaire Mohammed bin Khalid Al Saud is not on board with the offer due to his links with Saudi Telecom Company and that means there are some links with Newcastle.

Though, it’s claimed Saud has been helping with finding funding for the Chelsea bid.