Formula 1 2023: what Charles Leclerc lost following Australia Grand Prix DNF - earnings per lap explained

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc lost more than just points when crashing out in Australian Grand Prix

It’s felt like an exceptionally long gap since the last Formula ! Grand Prix took place and sadly for all fans of the competition, there is still yet another week to go until the racing returns to Baku.

However, the last outing was certainly one to remember with three red flags taking place and eight drivers failing to finish.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc was the first to come off the track after he spun within the first lap. Williams’ Alex Albon was then next with another safety car deployed in lap seven before a red flag was then announced and the race restarted.

George Russell, who was at one point the race leader, was then forced off with an engine failure but the most drama was far from over. Another red flag following Kevin Magnussen’s DNF then saw one of the most chaotic race restarts with two Alpines crashing into each other and Carlos Sainz receiving a five second penalty for causing contact with Fernando Alonso.

So, by the end of what the the race commentator had called “utter, utter chaos”, Max Verstappen won his first ever Australian Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton coming second while Leclerc, Albon, Russell, Magnussen, Logan Sargeant, Nyck de Vries, Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly all forced to watch the final laps from the side.

But just how much did each DNF cost the drivers and their respective teams? Here is all you need to know…

Charles Leclerc jumps out after crashing in Australian Grand Prix first lapCharles Leclerc jumps out after crashing in Australian Grand Prix first lap
Charles Leclerc jumps out after crashing in Australian Grand Prix first lap

How much did the Australian DNFs cost each driver?

Data from OLBG has reviewed salaries of drivers and team and estimated that Monegasque driver Leclerc lost £450,834 as a result of spinning out on the first lap. In total over £600,000 was lost with the number of drivers who DNF and, as this figure is based on salaries from 2022, it’s exceedingly probable the actual figures are higher.

Based on the figures by OLBG, here is how much the drivers lost per lap (these figures do not include Sargeant and de Vries as the lost earnings are based on 2022 salaries):

  • Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) - £7,773/lap - £450,834 total 
  • George Russell (Mercedes) - £3,194/lap - £130,945 total 
  • Alex Albon (Williams) - £1,400/lap - £72,000 total 
  • Kevin Magnussen (Haas) - £4,293/lap - £23,758 total
  • Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri earnings used) - £3,202/lap - £6,404 total
  • Esteban Ocon (Alpine) - £3,187/lap - £6,374 total

Who earns the most from every lap?

Unsurprisingly, it is Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton who wins this award, or at least he did in 2022. According to OLBG the British seven-time World Champion winner earned around £24,726 per lap last year and as he completed 1,246 laps, Hamilton took home around £30,808,814.

Next up is, equally unsurprisingly, Max Verstappen who earned £24,240 per lap. As he completed more laps than his 2021 rival, the Dutch two time world Champion actually earned the same amount as Hamilton, taking home £30,808,814.

Here are the top ten drivers, earning the most per lap:

  1. Lewis Hamilton - £24,726/lap
  2. Max Verstappen - £24,240/lap
  3. Lando Norris - £16,860/lap 
  4. Fernando Alonso - £13,779/lap 
  5. Sebastian Vettel - £10,394
  6. Daniel Ricciardo - £9,576
  7. Carlos Sainz - £9,373
  8. Charles Leclerc - £7,773
  9. Valtteri Bottas - £6,586
  10. Lance Stroll - £6,063

When’s the next Grand Prix?

The racing will return following a four week hiatus next weekend, Sunday 30 April, when the drivers take to the streets of Baku for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The race is scheduled to get underway at 12pm BST and will be available to watch on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports F1.