Bryson DeChambeau: what is the 'secret' driver being used by the US golfer at the 2021 Masters?

Bryson DeChambeau is one of the favourites this year's tournament (Getty Images)Bryson DeChambeau is one of the favourites this year's tournament (Getty Images)
Bryson DeChambeau is one of the favourites this year's tournament (Getty Images)
Bryson DeChambeau has teased that he will be armed with a ‘secret’ club when he tees off at The Masters

One of golf’s most divisive star’s has arrived at the plush Augusta National Golf Club armed with a secret weapon.

The US Open champion, known for his monstrous drives and unorthodox methods, teased a ‘secret’ club which has got the patrons of Augusta talking.

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DeChambeau has irritated purists of the sport for pushing the technological boundaries of the game.

But the undeterred 27-year-old has said that he will "go down numerous rabbit holes" in his quest to win The Masters.

What did Bryson DeChambeau say?

Discussing his tactics for the weekend Bryson DeChambeau explained how he hoped to cut the course down to size with his renowned driving.

“I think I’m trying to see how far right I can go, over the trees, on the first,” DeChambeau said. “That is the line I do want to take.

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“Number 11, I can squeeze it down the right side pretty far. Number nine, I can take it over the left trees and get into that big expanse of grass, which is cool.

“On five, I hit it over the bunkers into the wind. On three, try and drive the green this year. It’s a little firmer this year, so be able to do that.

“I think this is a place where I do put an expectation value that, yeah, I think I have a good chance to play well here.”

The star golfer also teased a secret weapon.

“Obviously there’s something in the bag this week that’s very helpful,” the world number five said.

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“I won’t go into specifics of it. But just know this has been a few years in the making and I’m very excited for it. Whether it helps me perform at a higher level, I’m not sure, because it’s golf and you never know what happens.

“Definitely what I’ve seen on the driving range and what I’ve seen the last week in practice, there’s some tremendous benefits to it.

“I’m still going down numerous rabbit holes and I will never stop, not only to win golf tournaments but to definitely win this tournament.

“This has been on my radar since I was a kid, and now that I’ve accomplished winning the US Open, this is the next goal for me.”

What is the secret club?

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Reports suggest that DeChambeau’s secret weapon will be a driver with a 4.5 degree loft – typically players are armed with a driver that has a 9 or 10 degree loft.

According to Golf Magic, DeChambeau has teamed up with golf club manufacturer Cobra to create a 46-inch 5.5 degree prototype driver turned down to 4.5 degrees.

Jack Seddon of Golf Magic notes that he club will be armed with “a thicker face to make the club more durable - due to some issues DeChambeau's power have caused his clubs in the past - while a flatter toe radius will seek to help his mis-hits.”

According to Golf Digest club’s with a lower loft provide a signficant advantage as they “consistently produced more ball speed, even for low swing-speed golfers”

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