Aaron Rodgers’ future at Green Bay Packers: New hire hints at positive news amid ‘complicated guy’ claim

Will Aaron Rodgers return to the Green Bay Packers?

Aaron Rodgers has had one of his most dramatic seasons for the Green Bay Packers, ending in a disappointing playoff defeat to San Francisco 49ers.

The quarterback then became the second player in NFL history to earn four MVP awards after taking the trophy in this month’s NFL Honors.

Now, after 17 years with the Packers, the future of Rodgers’ career is up in the air.

The 38-year-old has recently said ‘everything is on the table’ and that he doesn’t fear retirement, though Rodgers may still continue in the NFL.

However, yesterday’s news about the Packers’ new quarterbacks coach may affect Rodgers’ decision.

Tom Clements joins Green Bay Packers

ESPN reported yesterday that Aaron Rodgers’ former coach, Tom Clements, has joined the Packers as quarterbacks coach.

Rodgers has long credited Clements for his development during his early days, after the coach spent ten years with the Packers up until 2016.

Ahead of the Packers’ playoff game against the 49ers, Rodgers praised Clements, saying: “I’m thankful, deeply thankful, to guys like Joe Philbin and Tom Clements and Alex Van Pelt, who’ve helped me understand that facet of leadership and being a quarterback.”

However, ESPN have claimed that Clements’ arrival certainly won’t guarantee that the reigning NFL MVP will return to the Packers.

There are other aspects that will likely affect Rodgers decision, including problems with his personal life that have been widely publicised.

Aaron Rodgers splits from his wife

It has been reported today that Aaron Rodgers has split up with Shailene Woodley due to ‘busy careers and differing politics’.

The quarterback and the actress began dating in 2020 and became engaged less than a year later.

A source told Daily Mail that Rodgers ‘fell hard and fast’ but that ‘no one in their circle is surprised this didn’t work out’.