The Boat Race 2022: Dates, TV coverage, history and previous results of annual Cambridge v Oxford contest

Here is all you need to know about The Boat Race this weekend.

It’s almost time for the highly anticipated annual boat race between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, in which thousands of people flock to the banks of the River Thames to watch.

While it is a fun day out for spectators, the two universities have their sights set on victory each year.

In the words of the Oxford club’s website: “Oxford University Boat Club was established in 1829 with the sole objective of winning the Boat Race.” It adds: “The Club’s objective remains unchanged.”

This year’s contest is the 167th men’s race and the 76th for the women and once again promises to be an exciting day for all involved.

Here are all the details ahead of the boat showdown...

When and where is the race?

The 2022 Boat Race will take place on April 3 on the Championship Course in West London.

The route stretches over 4.25 miles of the River Thames between Putney and Mortlake.

Here is the race schedule:

  • 14:23 76th Women’s Boat Race
  • 14:38 Osiris v Blondie Boat Race
  • 14:53 Isis v Goldie Boat Race
  • 15:23 167th Men’s Boat Race

How to watch on TV

The Boat Race will be broadcasted live on BBC One, iPlayer and the BBC Sport website, including the build-up and interviews prior to the race.

Coverage of The Boat Race on BBC will begin at 2:50pm BST and will end at 4:20pm BST.

History of The Boat Race

The Boat Race began in 1829 when Charles Wordsworth (of Oxford) and Charles Merivale (of St. John’s) decided to set up a challenge inspired by a recent Oxford vs Cambridge cricket match.

A formal invitation was sent to University of Oxford in 1828, with the first race rowed the following year.

It was only in 1927 that the first Race between females took place, however even then it wasn’t considered a real contest.

The crews were judged on ‘time and style’ and no two female crews were allowed in the river at one time.

From 2015, the women’s Boat Race took place over the same course on the same day as the men and it was only then that it received television coverage.

Previous results

Cambridge have won the past three races, after previously falling to defeat in 12 of the previous 18.

Cambridge have the edge over Oxford all together, winning 85 compared to Oxford’s 80.

Cambridge also take the crown in the women’s race too, leading with 45 wins in comparison to Oxford’s 30.