Where is Tokyo 2020 Olympics? Japan city's Olympic and Paralympic Games venues - from athletics to swimming

This year, around 11,000 athletes will particpate in the Tokyo Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are now in full swing, with athletes from over 200 countries competing to win the gold, silver and bronze medals up for grabs.

This is everything you need to know about the host city for this years Olympic Games, plus the full list of venues.

Where is Tokyo?

A view of the 4x400 Relay Mixed Round 1 on day seven of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium (Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and is situated at the head of Tokyo Bay.

As of 2021, it is estimated that the prefecture has a population of roughly 13,960,236. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world, with more than 37 million residents as of 2020.

Until 1868, Tokyo was formerly known as Edo, a small fishing village that was part of the old Mushai Province.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government says: “Originally named Edo, the city started to flourish after Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa Shogunate here in 1603.

“As the center of politics and culture in Japan, Edo grew into a huge city with a population of over a million by the mid-eighteenth century.

“Throughout this time, the Emperor resided in Kyoto, which was the formal capital of the nation.

“The Edo Period lasted for nearly 260 years until the Meiji Restoration in 1868, when the Tokugawa Shogunate ended and imperial rule was restored. The Emperor moved to Edo, which was renamed Tokyo. Thus, Tokyo became the capital of Japan.”

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What are the Olympic venues?

There are over 40 competition venues for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games, with the majority of them located in the city of Tokyo, though some additional events are being held elsewhere in Japan.

This is the full list of the venues:

Aomi Urban Sports Park (3×3 basketball, climbing)

Ariake Arena (Volleyball)

Ariake Gymnastics Centre (Gymnastics)

Ariake Tennis Park (Tennis)

Ariake Urban Sports Park (BMX cycling, skateboarding)

Asaka Shooting Range (Shooting)

Enoshima Yacht Harbour (Sailing)

Equestrian Park (Equestrian)

Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium (Baseball)

Fuji International Speedway (Road cycling)

Ibaraki Kashima Stadium (Football)

International Stadium Yokohama (Football)

Izu MTB Course (Mountain biking)

Izu Velodrome (Track cycling)

Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre (Canoe slalom)

Kasumigaseki Country Club (Golf)

Kokugikan Arena (Boxing)

Makuhari Messe Hall (Fencing, taekwondo, wrestling)

Miyagi Stadium (Football)

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza (Badminton, modern pentathlon)

Musashinonomori Park (Road cycling)

Nippon Budokan (Judo, karate)

Odaiba Marine Park (Marathon swimming, triathlon)

Oi Hockey Stadium (Hockey)

Olympic Stadium (Athletics, football)

Saitama Stadium (Football)

Saitama Super Arena (Basketball)

Sapporo Dome (Football)

Sapporo Odori Park (Athletics)

Sea Forest Cross-Country Course (Equestrian)

Sea Forest Waterway (Canoe sprint, rowing)

Shiokaze Park (Beach volleyball)

Tatsumi Water Polo Centre (Water polo)

Tokyo Aquatics Centre (Artistic swimming, diving, swimming)

Tokyo International Forum (Weightlifting)

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Table tennis)

Tokyo Stadium (Football, modern pentathlon, rugby)

Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach (Surfing)

Yokohama Baseball Stadium (Baseball/softball)

Yoyogi National Stadium (Handball)

Yumenoshima Archery Field (Archery)

Where will the Paralympics be held?

The Paralympics will be held across the following venues:

Olympic Stadium

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

Yoyogi National Stadium

Nippon Budokan

Tokyo International Forum

Equestrian Park

Musashino Forest Sport Plaza

Ariake Arena

Ariake Gymnastics Centre

Ariake Tennis Park

Odaiba Marine Park

Aomi Urban Sports Park

Sea Forest Waterway

Yumenoshima Park Archery Field

Tokyo Aquatics Centre

Makuhari Messe Hall

Asaka Shooting Range

Izu Velodrome

How was the competition venue decided upon?

The venue for the Olympic Games is decided with the approval of the International Sports Federation (IF) and the Board of Directors of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Similarly, the Paralympic Games venues are decided with the approval of the IF and the Board of Directors of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).