Why does Tyson Fury not want a SPOTY? Legal dispute over Sports Personality of The Year inclusion

Tyson Fury has been included in this year’s Sports Personality of the Year award nominees.

BBC today announced the nominees for the 2021 Sports Personality of the Year award.

Tyson Fury, Tom Daley, Adam Peaty, Sarah Storey, Raheem Sterling and Emma Raducanu are this year’s six contenders for the award after enjoying recent success in their sports.

Tyson Fury gained a thrilling 11th-round win over Deontay Winder to retain his WBC title in October - confirming his status as one of the greatest heavyweights.

The nomination comes after the 33-year-old threatened BBC with legal action if he was included in the shortlist.

However, just like last year, Fury was still nominated and remains a contender to win the award.

Why doesn’t Tyson Fury want a SPOTY?

Tyson Fury made it clear that he wasn’t interested in being nominated for the SPOTY award last year after beating Wilder in one of his three fights against the American.

He was included in the shortlist regarded and later claimed he he instructed his lawyers to write a letter demanding his removal.

Fury explained his reasoning behind his decision, writing: “This is a message for bbcsport and their SPOTY award - please take me off your list as I’m the people’s champion and have no need for verification or any awards.

“I know who I am and what I’ve done in the sport. I have the love of the people which means more to me than all the awards in the world. To anyone who supports me, don’t vote.”

Despite Fury’s anger at his inclusion last year, he has still been nominated for this year’s award and is not any more willing to accept it.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the boxer said: “In fact, they will hear from my solicitors if they do put me on the list. Give it to someone who needs it. I don’t. “We know who the sports personality of the year is anyway – it’s me.

“Who does what I do, goes through a war in Las Vegas, entertains the fans, and then sings to the audience?”

The award ceremony is set to take place on Sunday 19th December from 6:45pm and will be broadcast live on BBC One.

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