Warrington head coach Steve Price hails successor Daryl Powell

Warrington head coach Steve Price has welcomed the appointment of Castleford’s Daryl Powell as his successor, describing him as “a great acquisition”.

Daryl Powell, manager of Castleford Tigers, is taking over at Warrington.
Daryl Powell, manager of Castleford Tigers, is taking over at Warrington.

The Wolves revealed on the eve of the season that Price will be taking his family back to Australia when his contract runs out at the end of the year and on Tuesday announced that Powell will take over from 2022 on a three-year contract.

“It’s a great acquisition for our club,” Price said at his weekly press conference.

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“He’s built a strong reputation in the British game over the past eight years, especially at Castleford

“It’s great the club has got on the front foot so everyone is clear about 2022 and, mostly importantly, the players have an understanding on where they will be too.

“He’s a well respected coach in the game.”

Powell masterminded a victory over Warrington in the opening game of the season and will go up against his future employers when the clubs meet again on May 22 but Price does not envisage that creating any difficulties for either party.

“That’s the game now,” he said.

Warrington full-back Stefan Ratchford was diplomatic when asked about the appointment of Powell, saying: “It’s not been spoken about out of respect for Pricey.

“It got announced after round two so we’re looking at another 30-plus games before we get to that.

“It’s done and the club can prep moving forward but as a playing group, we’re fully focused on 2021.”

While Powell’s future is secure, Price says he has not get begun a job search back home.

“I’m focused and driven to do really well for the boys and our squad,” he said.

“I haven’t really thought beyond that in terms of next year.

“It’s not about me – it’s about the team and the club.”

Meanwhile, Warrington fans have to wait a while longer for their first sight of former Australia Test centre Greg Inglis.

The 34-year-old has not played for almost two years after announcing his retirement in April 2019 and was left out of the Wolves’ first two Super League fixtures to give him more time to build up his fitness.