The Smithy family house fire: what happened to the TikTok stars - and what did they say about GoFundMe page?

Videos posted online show the burnt remains of a car outside the family’s London property

The London home of a prolific TikTok family has been devastated in a fire caused by a suspected arson attack.

The Smithy Family is a UK TikTok account which has amassed nearly 3 million followers on the platform, and is known for lighthearted videos and comedy skits about being a family.

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Video footage showed two individuals setting fire to the Smith family car (Photo: TikTok/@thesmithyfamily)

Who are the Smithy Family?

The Smithy Family is a comedy TikTok account that consists of dad Nick, mum Jess and their children. The couple have two daughters together, six year old Amelia and nine year old Isabella, plus a young baby.

Nick also has a son, 13 year old Ben, and Jess’ half brother, 16 year old Jack and his girlfriend Amy, are both also regular characters in their videos.

The account began as a few videos documenting family life in lockdown and has since grown to 2.8 million followers and nearly 3 million likes across the videos.

The account became so popular that dad Nick decided to give up his day job as a builder so he could focus full time on TikTok content.

Nick has revealed that he is currently in the process of building, what he called a “content warehouse”, where he and other content creators can film in.

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What happened to their house?

The family, living in South London, took to TikTok on Thursday (15 July) morning to reveal that their house had been burned down in a large fire.

Nick said: “So, I’m doing this video as people [have] already uploaded videos of the fire.

“We all got out the house okay. The kids are fine, Teddy is fine, Jack and Amy are fine, me and Jess are fine, the dogs are okay. The house ain’t okay.”

He said that everyone was currently staying at a “safe place”.

Around 25 firefights spent over an hour tackling the blaze, which was started by a car that was on fire.

Nick added: “To the two people that done this and could’ve killed our family, and not only our family and our neighbours, but my friends, it’s unforgivable.”

Nick posted another video to TikTok sharing clips of the aftermath of the fire, walking past a number of fire vehicles and showing that the road had been blocked off as well.

He then showed the family home, which was completely covered in black ash.

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What have the police said?

The Met Police have confirmed that they are treating the fire as a case of suspected arson.

In a statement, the police said: “Police were called by the London Fire Brigade at approximately 23:06hrs on Wednesday, 15 July to a fire.

“Officers and the London Fire Brigade attended and the fire was extinguished at approximately 00:30hrs. The cause of the fire is under investigation.”

The London Fire Brigade said: “We were called to reports of a car alight that had spread up the outside of the house.

“There were a number of mobility scooters parked outside which had caught alight and were producing a large amount of smoke and flames.

“Everyone was out of the building before we arrived, and crews worked incredibly hard to prevent further damage to the inside of the property and to neighbouring properties.

“Our fire investigation dogs also attended to help identify any ignitable substances present.”

Nick has said that he feels the incident was provoked by jealousy.

He said: “I love seeing people do well. We want to see other people prosper and do well and I know that there’s some people in life that are struggling and they don’t like it when other people are prospering or doing well.”

Nick said that the fire would not prevent him from continuing to post videos.

“I just want to be with my family, and I want them to be safe, and I want to protect them, and we need to step back, to readjust, reassess and find out what the best way to move forward is,” he said.

“At the end of the day, I’m not going to give up what’s making us happy.”

What has the reaction been like?

The Smith Family have received an outpouring of support from their fans, across TikTok and other social media platforms as well.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help the family recover from the effects of the fire.

The fundraiser, set up by Tom Manley, states in the description: “Hi there. What the Smithy family have been through is just disgusting.

“As a family man with another little one on the way myself, this fire has really upset me.

“There’s some sick people out there.

“Together we can try to give something back, I know Nick would do the same for us, he’s a fantastic man who helps others all the time!”

The GoFundMe fundraiser has a goal of £50,000, and has currently raised £36,790, with nearly 3,000 people donating to the cause.

One donor wrote: “Can't believe this happened to a family that brings such happiness to others especially during dark times, don't understand what is wrong with people. I hope our contributions help x”

Another said: “My heart is broken watching what's happened. This is an absolute amazing family, absolutely disgusting what they've had to go through.”

“This act of deliberate harm to this family has disgusted me, and this is my way of sharing a little piece of love to this wonderful family,” wrote another.

Has the family addressed the fundraiser?

Posting a video to the TikTok account, Nick and his partner Jess acknowledged the fundraiser set up by fans.

Nick said: “We’ve seen what you guys have been doing and it’s so generous what you’ve done, and it’s made us smile and we appreciate the offer of doing that.”

Jess then said: “But we’re meant to be giving to you, you not giving to us.”

Nick continued: “It doesn’t sit right with us, we call upon your help with charity stuff, not for us.

“It would feel like a wrongdoing, and it’s not why we’re on here. I think it’s so nice what everyone has done.”

Jess added that they just “wanted to thank you”.

Nick finished the video by saying: “I think we can maybe find another way or something else to do with the money that’s been donated. So thank you guys.”

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