Fast and Furious 9: movie release date, trailer and who stars in the cast with Vin Diesel and John Cena?

F9 sees Roman and Tej taken into space, and the film is predicted to be out of this world

It’s been 20 years since the first Fast and Furious movie was released, and now producers of the franchise have released the second trailer of the film’s ninth instalment, featuring scenes from around Edinburgh.

Previous films have been star-studded, tear jerking and fast gained a mass following of furiously loyal fans.

So, when can we expect Fast and Furious 9 to drop, where can we watch it and who is in the cast? This is what you need to know.

The Fast and Furious family are back in UK cinemas, this July (Picture: Universal)
The Fast and Furious family are back in UK cinemas, this July (Picture: Universal)
The Fast and Furious family are back in UK cinemas, this July (Picture: Universal)

What is Fast and Furious 9 about?

Viewers will watch as Dom and his family go head-to-head with his previously-unknown brother Jakob, a deadly assassin.

Jakob is working with their old enemy Cipher, who holds a personal vendetta against Dominic.

The latest Fast & Furious film will also go to new heights, as the trailer shows Roman and Tej take off in a rocket - headed for space. They’re somewhat short of NASA standards, in handmade astronaut costumes sealed with Duct Tape.

Though the entire movie will not be played out in space, there will be flying cars and a futuristic feel.

Hans also returns from the dead, so it seems we have a lot to catch up on when the film is finally released.

Who is in the cast?

In true Fast and Furious fashion, the cast does not disappoint.

In November 2020, returning director Justin Lin confirmed the movie was "officially finished", while praising his crew for "working through such unprecedented times flawlessly" throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Vin Diesel will return as Dominic, while his evil brother Jakob will be played by John Cena.

Among other returning cast members, Michelle Rodriguez will return as Letty, Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges as Tej, and Tyrese Gibson as Roman.

Jordana Brewster is also back as Dom's sister Mia, who is married to the late Paul Walker's Brian.

While Hans appears to have made a return, there is no mention that anyone will replace Walker as Brian.

Filming took place between June and November 2019 in London, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Thailand, and Georgia.

Where can I watch the official trailer?

The first official trailer was released on 31 January 2020, with the second released on15 April.

The trailer shows Dominic and Letty enjoying a quiet life with their son, little Brian. That is until Dom’s past comes back to haunt Dom, in the form of his previously unmentioned brother - Jakob.

With mentions of flying cars and submarines, it appears the family have all things covered - but you never can truly outrun your past. As Dom is about to find out.

With Fast and Furious 10 and 11 also on the cards, one thing is for sure - there is no slowing down in this furiously fast paced, action packed, gripping ninth film.

You can watch the trailer, and spot plenty of recognisable scenes of Scotland’s capital city on our link.

When will the movie be released?

After several missed release dates due to the pandemic, Fast and Furious 9 will finally be released in UK cinemas on 24 June 2021.