Line of Duty 'Tedisms': The 10 best quotes by Ted Hastings - from ‘Mother of God’ to ‘catching bent coppers’

“There’s only one thing I'm interested in and that is catching bent coppers”

Ted Hastings has become one of the most popular TV characters in recent times thanks to his determination to catch “bent coppers” and love of the “letter of the law”.

Played brilliantly by Adrian Dunbar, he has delivered a host of iconic lines that have left Line of Duty fans cheering from their sofas.

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From biblical references to stressing the integrity of his team, here are the ten best ‘Tedisms’ from the hit show.

Ted Hastings has become one of the most popular TV characters in recent times (C) World Productions - Photographer: Steffan Hill

“Mother of God”

Often said when AC-12 makes another shocking discovery or when he enters a crime scene, this phrase is one of the most iconic of all the Tedisms.

“Now we’re cooking with gas”

When this line is pulled out, you know AC-12 is onto something! It was famously used when Hastings got behind the keyboard to communicate with the OCG in series five, although both Steve and Kate suspected he was ‘H’.

“God give me strength”

An absolute classic Tedism, used heavily when interrogations don’t go the way he intended.

“Superintendent Hastings, like the battle”

A line that showcases his dry sense of humour. This line has been said numerous times over the last six seasons, often said when Hastings is introducing himself over the phone.

“My officers conduct themselves to the letter of the law, sir. The letter!”

A line that goes hand-in-hand with his love of police standards. Hastings often has to defend his team’s actions, and he always makes it known they work to the ‘letter’ of the law.

“There’s only one thing I'm interested in and that is catching bent coppers”

Probably the most infamous and commonly used quotes by Hastings. It sums up everything we love about him, his passion for catching ‘bent coppers’.

‘Frankly son, right now, I couldn’t give a s**t”

Sometimes Hastings speaks for us all. This line made a surprise appearance during an incredibly tense episode in season four, after Detective Constable Desford attempted to correct what name Superintendent Hastings called him.

“I think you should sit down fella, or I will handcuff you to that desk”

If there was ever a line to show how dominant Hastings is in the interrogation room - it's this one.

“Your team was pausing the game but you went a gave away a penalty”

This belter of a line was addressed to Steve Arnott after Hastings found out about his romantic liaison with Lindsay Denton in season three. Martin Compston later revealed Jed Mercurio added the line to poke fun at Compston’s performance in Soccer Aid 2019.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey”

Fans were treated to another classic Tedism in the latest episode after DCI Jo Davidson attempted to stall the interrogation with a host of “no comments”. Hastings wasn’t afraid to let his true feelings out behind her lack of cooperation.