Lucinda Strafford: who is new Love Island contestant, what age is she, and when did she date Aaron Connolly?

Lucinda entered the villa as the other girls were out on a brunch date, she was joined by other new girls, Millie Court

Life in the villa is heating up as things reached boiling point when two new blond bombshells entered on 7 July.

While all the current girls were out enjoying brunch in the Balearic sunshine, Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court strutted into the villa garden to meet the boys.

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Lucinda left Brad speechless, as Hugo said she is exactly his type (Picture: ITV)

The boys seemed instantly taken by Lucinda, one boy was heard saying “the one in the black” (referring to her swimsuit), Brad’s jaw hit the floor as he was left speechless.

So, who is Lucinda Strafford and what do we know about her? This is the low down on Love Island’s latest bombshell.

Who is Lucinda Strafford?

The 21-year-old lives in Brighton and is a business owner, founding her own online boutique, The Luxe Range.

Brighton striker Aaron Connolly has been left out in the cold, as his ex heads to the Balearic sunshine (Picture: Getty Images)

She models most of the outfits herself, going by the company’s website, and sources told The Daily Mail she has “always wanted to be a celebrity,” adding: “she’s doing it for fame and money.”

The fashion designer has also worked as an air hostess for British Airways, and it has been reported she was previously approached to be on the show but could not commit due to her contract with British Airways.

When did she date Aaron Connolly?

Lucinda was rumoured back in June to be joining the show, following her split from Brighton and Hove Albion left-wing Aaron Connolly.

It was reported they were ‘back on’ following their split in March, but Lucinda had already applied for the show when he attempted to rekindle their romance.

Connolly apparently cheated on her, which led to their split in March, but he had been seeing her again prior to Lucinda flying out to take part in Love Island.

A source said: “They’ve seen each other, been at each other’s houses and had dinner, but over the last couple of days she has told a few people she’s going to be on Love Island and now Aaron knows and isn’t very happy.

“She’s going in to plug her business. She wants fame and money – she’s always wanted to be a celebrity. She’s trying to become an influencer, she wants to do it for her business.”

It is reported that Aaron isn’t impressed with her decision to “keep her options open”, which she stated when she entered the villa on last night’s (7 June) show.

The source added: “He was seeing other people and she was jealous, but over the past few months they’ve been seeing each other, going for dinner and reconciling and now he’s found out about Love Island he’s very upset.

“In the last few weeks they’ve been in each other’s pockets, but the TV show will change all that.”

Does she have Instagram?

Lucinda has 112k followers already on her personal Instagram, where she models many of her outfits from The luxe Range.

Her online fashion retail business also has a healthy following of 22k, with even more pics of the Brighton bombshell.

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