Matt Baker: how to watch new show Our Farm in the Dales - and where it’s filmed

Former One Show and Blue Peter presenter Matt Baker will star in a new series about life on a Dales farm.
Matt Baker's new show will look at life for him and his family on a farm in the Durham Dales.Matt Baker's new show will look at life for him and his family on a farm in the Durham Dales.
Matt Baker's new show will look at life for him and his family on a farm in the Durham Dales.

“Our Farm in the Dales” will give viewers a glimpse into the life of Matt, his family and their animals at their countryside farm in Durham.

The show offers a heartwarming look at the relationships between members of the Baker family as they adapt the farm to help Matt’s mother in the wake of an accident.

What is the show about?

The show tells the story of how Matt, his wife Nicola and their children Luke and Molly upped sticks and moved to the Durham Dales - where Matt grew up - to look after his parents following an accident.

The idea for the show came to Matt after his mum was trampled by a flock of sheep at the farm and broke her leg.

Subsequently, she needed a knee replacement and was out of action at the farm - so Matt and his family stepped up, moving up to the farm to help out.

Nicola, Matt’s wife, is trained in physiotherapy and was able to help Matt’s mum with her leg, while the rest of the family helped make adjustments so she could carry on farming after the knee replacement.

One such adjustment involves helping Matt’s mum choose smaller sheep breeds rather than the large ones that had caused the accident.

In the first episode, Matt and his family also help to renovate the farm’s miniature donkey stables.

The programme was borne out of this process of future-proofing the farm and allowing Matt’s parents to continue with the lifestyle they’ve loved for so many years.

Aside from focusing on life at the farm, the show explores how family relationships change as parents grow older and children are required to help out.

Viewers will also see how quickly Matt and Nicola’s own children adapt to the tough demands of life - and looking after animals - on the farm.

Where is it filmed?

The show is filmed on-location at the Baker family’s farm in the Durham Dales.

It’s unscripted, with the small camera crew simply following the family as they go about their everyday lives.

The second lockdown hindered the filming process somewhat, with the Baker family forced to hire out a bed and breakfast for themselves and the crew as restrictions meant they couldn’t stay at the farm.

Speaking with what to watch, Matt said: "I have been involved in every single aspect of it - directing, producing, the lot! I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

“The very small crew are my friends. Steve the sound man I've known since my Blue Peter years and mum and dad have known him as long as I have."

How can I watch the show?

Our Farm in the Dales will air at 9pm on More4 on Wednesday 31 March.

Is there a trailer?

Matt announced the show on his Instagram in February, with a trailer following over the weekend.

It shows clips of Matt, his parents and his family doing assorted activities on the farm, from riding tractors to herding animals.

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