Love Island 2021: Catch up on the villa drama with Sunburnt, our new Love Island chat show

NationalWorld's new video series Sunburnt, presented by TV writers Iain Leggat and Chelsea Rocks, explores whether Love Island has had its time in the sun.

Over the next eight weeks, Sunburnt will be bringing you all the weekly goss on villa-life, looking beyond the tan lines and texts and into the format of the show.

Following the deaths of three people related to the show, including former host Caroline Flack, a decline in viewing figures so far in the latest season, and a thirst for change for representation on TV, are we starting to see the end of the BAFTA award winning reality show?

Delving into topics such as diversity, mental health and sexual taboos, Sunburnt will be looking at whether Love Island is still relevant and popular in a post-pandemic world - and if season seven has what it takes to win us over again.


The first episode looks at what it took for Love Island to become the national TV sensation that we’ve seen it be in recent years.

Chelsea and Iain ask what is that magic formula for success behind a hit series, and whether season seven is checking any of those boxes.

You can watch the first episode at the top of this page.